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Photo credit: William Warby www.flickr.com

Halloween Special: Top 5 Trick or TREATS for ultra runners


Last updated: 14-Mar-19

By Alice Morrison

So, the season of scariness is upon us and we have decided to get on that bandwagon and draw up a list of unmissable Halloween treats for ultra runners. Strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride...

5 - Garlic

Not only designed to scare away Count Dracula but also very good for lowering your blood pressure and warding off colds. You can just go old school and chomp on a big clove or you can try the odourless pill variety if you want to keep some romance in your evening.

4 - Halloween Costume for HIM

My personal taste runs to latex but the pleasure would probably run thin after mile 20, so how about the Mummy Morph Suit? It will certainly cut down on chafing.

3 - Halloween Costume for HER

Little Dead Riding Hood, what could be more fetching? The tattered cape will keep you cosy but allow for cooling of hot spots, and it accessorises perfectly with running shoes.

2 - Pumpkin Energy Bars

Yum, yum. These are really easy to make. Light on nasty stuff, heavy on good stuff and survive very well on a long run. Try not to eat them all before you set off. Or if you fancy something off the shelf, there is always a trusty Bounce bar. Apple and cinnamon will give you that dookin' feeling.

1 - Transylvania Bear Race

Anything that has Transylvania in the title gets the number one spot. And you get to be chased by bears... This is an 80km ultra in June in Transylvania and it looks fantastic. This is what the organisers have to say:

“Runners follow a pre-marked course through ancient Saxon villages, virgin forest, fortified churches, a ruined castle, open pasture land, meadows and rural village pathways. This culminates in the infamous ascent of the Sighişoara citadel, a UNESCO world heritage site and the birthplace of Vlad Dracul. This is a racing first as no other race has even featured the city!
WARNING: the difficulty of this route should not be underestimated. Nor should the vibrancy of the local wildlife, which includes wolves and bears.”


Happy Halloween!

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