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Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on running inspiration, recovery, benefits, good cheats and packing for a multi-stage


Last updated: 19-Jul-18

By Elsa Trujillo

Our selection this week includes advice on how to plan your recovery post-race day, a selection of books on running, ten clear reasons to take up running, a great video guide for training and some great recommendations about where not to put your smartphone when running. There is also how to make you light as a gazelle. Our video this week is a guide on how to pack your kit for multi-stage days.

8 things to do when the race is over
Read this article for some great recommendations for your recovery once your big run is over.

Running inspiration
If you need a running pal for your morning training and you have someone in mind, try these two articles to convince them to take up your passion.

They can start running from their armchair by steaming through these 5 books about running. Read on.

If you know someone who’s thinking about taking up running here are 10 clear reasons to start running.

Video training guide
We found this little gem of a training guide in nine very practical videos for anyone out there who’s training for a marathon. Start here.

Where not to carry your smartphone
It might seem obvious but you’ve probably seen runners carry their beloved gadgets in the most uncomfortable of places. Read the article.

Healthy cheating
No, we don’t mean cutting across fields or swapping bibs with your twin (it has been done), this is about scraping a few grams from your run. Read the tips.

Thinking of signing up for a multi-stage?
If you’re itching to try a multi-stage ultra in the near future, here’s a peek into how to pack your stuff. Watch the exclusive RunUltra video.

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