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Photo credit: La Sportiva Grand Tour of Skiddaw.

RunUltra's Top 10 Reviews for September 2016


Last updated: 25-Oct-18

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top 10 reviews for September. So congratulations to Phil Webster (@ultra365tribe) who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

La Sportiva Grand Tour of Skiddaw - England, UK

Race reviews can be fantastic tools for runners to use in their preparation, especially when packed with nuggets of information and valuable tips and tricks. Phil pens an account of the Grand Tour of Skiddaw, filled to the brim with the aforementioned and also includes a leg by leg breakdown of the course. If considering the race, give this a read… and then read it again before you run it!

In no particular order, here are our remaining nine top reviews for September.

St Oswald’s Ultra - England, UK

A scenic Northumberland race, the St Oswald’s Ultra covers some fantastic historical sites and comes in 100km, 50km and relay options.

We commend 100km race winner Ryan Hogben (@runboyrun35) for really taking the time to write a brutally honest and critical account of his personal experiences at the event. It’s important for both positive and negative reviews of a race to come in when appropriate, as this gives you, the prospective runners, a richer overview of what to expect. But also, important for race organisers, as most of the time these organisational mishaps will be an easy fix for the next edition of a race. Give Ryan’s review a read, it’s a break from the norm and we found it incredibly interesting.

Chris Randall (@C_P_Randall) agrees with Ryan on a lot of points, but offers his view from the 50km perspective.

Kate Allen (@borleyrose) describes a tricky and varied course, but also some organisational hiccups.

Interestingly, race returner Alan Evans (@AlanEvans111) offers an opposing point of view and writes an overwhelmingly positive account of the 50km event. Goes to show that everyone’s experiences are different, and that one runner’s pain can be another runner’s pleasure.

Ring O’ Fire - Wales, UK

Long distances over rugged, varied and insanely beautiful Welsh terrain, is what defines the Ring O’ Fire. Set on the Isle of Anglesey, this 135 mile multi day event is an absolute gem on the UK ultra calendar.

With three Ring O’ Fires and the corresponding t-shirts in the bag, Martin Kelly (@Sportster75) knows a thing or two about this race. He views this as an ultra for intermediate to advanced runners, due to the ‘brutal but beautiful nature’ and also recommends sorting your own accommodation for a better night’s sleep. Alternatively, you could pack some ear plugs…

Equinox 24 - England, UK

24 hour races are a little bit like marmite. But for those who love them, the Equinox 24 is one of the best with consistently great feedback.

Jason Randall (@outrunninghills) pens an absolutely fantastic and detailed account of the Equinox 24, with a very interesting pros and cons list at the end. Definitely worth a good read, we actually had a really tough time deciding between this and Phil’s review for September’s top spot.

This was Mark Shelton’s (@markshelton3DCG) first ultra experience... and well, it does seem like he’s a marmite lover! He writes a very positive review, with the only negative being the campsite toilets. Though apparently they weren’t bad enough to stop him planning for a return next year.

High Peak 40 - England, UK

A Peak District 40 miler, as the name hints, the High Peak 40 is delicious concoction of steep climbs and deep ravines.

Andrew Wearden (@andrewwearden) eloquently describes his first ultra as ‘32 miles of heaven on earth, and 8 miles of hell on earth’. We loved the summary and it seems like he loved the race. Describing a mix of fantastic views, great check point support and a tough and varied trail. It’s not hard to see why.

Comrades - South Africa

One of the all time great ultra marathons of the globe, the historical South African, Comrades Marathon is akin to the London Marathon in scale and relative national interest, but at 55 miles, is just over double the distance…

Kristine Stergiou’s first Comrades experience certainly sounds like a positive one. She describes amazing crowds and great check points and finished the race, ‘...happy, not hating running and ready to go again!’

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