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7 articles on finishing, stomach distress, music, food breaks and Ironman

Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on finishing, stomach distress, music, food breaks and Ironman


Last updated: 19-Jul-18

By Elsa Trujillo

This week our selection of articles from the web includes a novelty, we have a podcast for you on stomach health. In addition, we have encouraging stories about crossing the finish line, runners’ opinions on running with headphones and a great story about Alice Morrison running amongst friends in Morocco. Health wise, we draw your attention to the effect foodstuffs have on different parts of our running bodies. On the training front, we have a piece on improved hip utilisation and the pros of switching from an ironman to an ultra marathon according to coach Andy Mouncey.

I did finish
There is no shame in coming in last, according to Nicole Nazzaro. Read her article here to find out why showing up is what counts.

Stomach distress
Good stomach health is essential to a successful runner. Listen to the podcast here (min. 20) about how to avoid stomach distress during a race.

The music debate
Some can’t run without music and some race organisers ban the use of headphones. In this article, two runners explain their opposing stances on running with music.

Take it in your stride
Ever thought about runner-stride efficiency? This article discusses how better hip and gluteal muscle utilisation can improve your running performance.

Dates and courage
Ever wondered what it might be like to live and run in places radically different to what you’re accustomed to? Our very own RunUltra Editor Alice Morrison explains… read her post.

Take a break
Know what a FODMAP is? Read this article and find out why giving up on a series of foods for a short period can help parts of your body not directly related to nutrition.

Ironman to ultramarathon
Our favourite coach Andy Mouncey does a very good job of convincing ironman-ers to switch over to the (very) long run. Read his article here.

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