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7 articles on female physiology, disordered eating, support running and injuries


By Elsa Trujillo

This week we have gender-specific articles with a couple of articles on female physiology and one on male eating disorders. There’s also a short piece on support runners and some great articles on ways to improve your running performance that don’t necessarily involve physical activity, it’s all in the mind.

Finally, we have a health-related article by our very own Karina Teahan on how to manage calf injuries, one of the most common injuries a runner can experience.


Birth control and hormones
Jade de la Rosa discusses hormones and birth control and how they can impact women’s running performance. Read her very instructive article here.

More on female physiology
If you’re interested in more about how female physiology can impact your running, this article also deals with differences between men and women, amenorrhea and menopause. Read it here.

Disordered eating
But it’s not all about women. David Roche explores men’s disordered eating and how it can sabotage running performance. Read it here.

Support running
What is it and could you do it? You need to be physically and emotionally fit. Read the article here.

Simplicity running
This article explores the foundational elements of fitness and examines the simplest ways to improve your running. Read it here.

Bored? Do this
Sometimes, when training moves out of the early stages, boredom sets in. Mindfulness and attention training might be the answers that improve your running experience. Read the article.

Calf injuries
The calf is one of the most injured parts of a runner’s body. Our in-house physiotherapist Karina Teahan covers causes, treatment and management. Read her article.

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