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7 articles on workouts, training, hormones, mantras and broken bones

Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on workouts, training, hormones, mantras and broken bones


By Elsa Trujillo

Training, training, training. The life of an ultra runner is all about the training. But sometimes, you can't find the time or the energy. To help you along, this week we’ve found two articles to get you going when the training gets tough.

Also, we have two great pieces of advice when running an ultra, how to choose your finishing mantra and how to tend to a fracture in the wilderness.

If you missed our recommended articles last week for female runners, here’s another one about hormones and running.

Finally, we’ve found a great motivational film for you to watch and our very own James Eacott gives us the six steps you need to follow to race to your true potential.

Running for good
The list of Fiona Oakes’ sporting achievement is extensive. As a child, she was told she would never walk again and after 17 surgeries her kneecap was removed. Watch the trailer of the new feature film exploring her amazing success story.

Workout feel good
In this article, ultra running coach David Roche explains the importance of having a well-structured running workout. He has some great suggestions from preparing each workout in advance.

Only 30 minutes
Karl Hoagland has the perfect solution for when life gets in the way and you feel like you just don’t have the time or the emotional energy to do your regular training. All you need is a 2 miler.

Ladies, know your menstrual cycle. If you didn’t have time to read the women-specific articles we recommended two weeks ago, here’s another good piece on how to deal with hormones on the run. Read the article.

Performance enhancing thoughts
Here’s some more great advice from David Roche. He discusses mantras and positive thinking to push you along the most trying sections of your race. Read it here.

Broken bone on the run
If you ever wondered what you could do if you broke a bone in the middle of a remote run but never really did anything about it, read this article on how to stabilise bones and make a splint before help arrives.

Race potential
Read James Eacott’s six steps to race to your potential and execute your best ultra. It’s all about kit, expectations, plans, fuel and emotions.

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