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Halloween horrors for ultra runners

Halloween horrors for ultra runners


By Alice Morrison

Are you dusting off your cat woman outfit ready for your local 50km (yes, I mean you Steve) or buying fake blood to secrete about your person, ready to cause mayhem at mile 87?

Perhaps you are just contenting yourself with dressing your youngest up as Kilian Jornet for trick and treating, or chopping up those energy bars you really don’t like to pawn off on the kids who come to your door…

All Hallows’ Eve, or Samhain as we Celts like to think of it, is a time when the borders between this world and the next are porous – must be a nightmare for Mr Trump – and fairies, spirits, and the souls of the dead can come to visit and feast with us. 

With that in mind, we have scoured the four corners of the globe (well, the internet) to come up with some special Halloween hoopla just for you.


Photo credit: Amazon.co.uk.

1. Why not wear a morphsuit out on your next run. It is sure to scare the **** out of anyone you meet, particularly if you are out on an early morning one or a late evening one. Seriously, creepy.


Photo credit: Alice Morrison.

2. Challenge yourself and sign up the Transylvania100, which sets off from Dracula’s castle – Bran castle – in Romania and looks like a fantastic run. The mountains round there are stunning, the people couldn’t be nicer and they serve cake with every meal. Definitely one to think about .


Photo credit: BBCgoodfoodme.com.

3. Eyeballs? Why thank you, I think I will. Mmm, delicious. Don’t worry, not sheep’s eyeballs in this case, but rather fabulous sponge ones, perfect for high-carbing it after a hard session and you could always add an extra egg to the recipe to up the protein. 


Photo credit: Halloween (1971).

4. Even ultra runners need to relax so why not curl up on the sofa with a good film. Terrifying fact: The Halloween Film Franchise is 40 years old. Nothing lasts that long unless it’s good – check out the first one. 


Photo credit: Edward Jackson.

5. Halloween is not Halloween without gore and fortunately for us running is the gift that keeps on giving: chafing, blisters, gashes and even breaks are always on the cards. If you really want to give yourself a fright this Halloween, just google Marathon des Sables blisters and click on images …. You are welcome.

Whatever you are doing this Halloween, we hope you will enjoy the true spirit of the holiday and take the time to feast and make merry before the long winter sets in.

Happy Halloween from RunUltra.

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