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Photo Credit: Steve Ashworth/Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra.

Top Reviews September 2018


Last updated: 17-Oct-18

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top reviews for September. So congratulations to Ali Nash who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra - UK

Our top pick for this month is an absolutely cracking laugh-out-loud review of the Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra & VK. We’ll leave you to read Ali’s hilarious and slightly rude first paragraph, it’ll draw you into the rest of the account, that’s for sure.

It looked a bit like the death zone up there, I'll forever remember the haunting sight of a bearded ginger chap perched precariously on a 50 degree slope facing the maelstrom with a look of utter befuddlement...slowly shaking his head.’

‘After the hundredth  false summit I happened upon a bearded ginger chap, sat facing the next undulating section disappearing over the horizon uttering the immortal words "git oot ma face ya wee scunner". He was beyond help. Again.’

We’d love to know who this mysterious ginger chap is…

In no particular order, here are the remaining top reviews:

Mt Snowdon Ultra 50 - UK

‘You know you are in for a ride when summiting Snowdon is the easiest part of the race.’

Richard Bridgewater (@Squidge2406) paints a picture of a tough but very rewarding mountain ultra. Give his review of the Mt Snowdon Ultra 50 a read to pick up some useful tips.

‘… if you are thinking of entering then I would suggest either having the gps route downloaded or being confident with a map and compass as you can't guarantee good weather.’

Ultra Trail Bosques del Sur - Spain

This race is easily the most beautiful I've ever done and 2018 wasn't the best year weatherwise. Yes, it can rain and it can rain torrentially in Spain in June - you've been warned.’

From Sarah Whittington’s Ultra Trail Bosques del Sur review, this race sounds blooming inviting.

‘It's remote, wild and utterly beautiful. Plenty of climbing, plenty of downhill, and not overly technical, which makes for a fast course.’

Ultra Sierra Nevada - Spain

‘Ultra Sierra Nevada is technically my 'local' since moving to Granada and boy is it a local race to have in your back-yard.’

Another great review from Sarah Whittington, this time of the Ultra Sierra Nevada. It can be a great experience racing in your local area, especially when it’s tough n’ challenging!

‘Do not however, underestimate the challenge of this race. Maybe, consider the shorter trail or marathon options before tackling the big-one. The low finish rate should be an indicator of how tough Ultra Sierra Nevada is.’

Eco-Trail de Brussels - Belgium

A solid sounding course and great atmosphere. Philip Smith also notes in his Eco-Trail de Brussels review that this would make a good option to grab 4 relatively straightforward UTMB points.

‘The course was great in terms of terrain, and they were right when they said 95% is on trails.’

Sulphur Springs - Canada

We love a real in depth account of a race and Mark Loftus certainly doesn’t disappoint in his Sulphur Springs review. Jam packed with info, it’s a must read if you’re thinking of giving the race a punt.

‘I had my water bottle but I was always thirsty. I had to limit how much I guzzled because of the not too frequent aid stations. The grind had begun bigtime!’

‘I asked a race official if this was the end of 50k. I was told I had one more round to go. Being a ex-boxer, I could always do “one more round”, so off I went!’

‘I told her how I would never run this race again and she told me to give it a couple of days.
I have already signed up for the 50-mile Sulphur Springs for next year!’

Causeway Coast Ultra Marathon - UK

There are times when you get a quick review that gives you a brief overview of a race. Other times you want a super in-depth account of a race, so you can really get a feel for it and pick up on some valuable titbits. Well Michael Regan’s personal but thoroughly engaging report of the Causeway Coast Ultra is certainly the latter.

‘The polygonal columns of basalt rock perfectly formed and stretching into the ocean is the most famous section of the giants’ causeway. It isn’t however the best section in my opinion.’

‘ I am still in shock at finishing this event. I always knew I could do it. To run the majority, only walking steps or steep sections amazed me. The human body and mind is an amazing thing. All we have to do is harness it and we can do whatever we want. Aim high because there is always more in the tank.’

Ultra Trail Hungary

An incredibly enthusiastic review of the Ultra Trail Hungary from Marianna Laszlo.

‘The CREW is AMAZING! They are everywhere to help you, to support you mentally too.
And yeh the trail itself, IT IS GREAT! I grew up in Hungary, and I know there are very beautiful woods and trails, but it was above my proposition.’

Orobie Ultra Trail® - Italy

We always look forward to a review from John Ryan and his nicely balanced write up of the Orobie Ultra Trail doesn’t disappoint. Essential reading for any prospective entrants.

‘The route is tough, very technical terrain making it difficult to maintain a constant pace, especially around Brunone where you also have to contend with a 4km 1,000m climb followed by a 500m climb to 2,400m - this isn’t for Park Run people!’

The South Downs Way Devil's Challenge - UK

A very well written review of The South Downs Way - Devil's Challenge from Lori. Often the highest accolade you can give a race is to go and do it again and it’s seems this is just what she is planning.

‘For those who have never done an ultra or a multi-day event, this is a fabulous race to ease yourself in with. The cut-offs are extremely generous and as you will be staying in school halls, etc, overnight, you can ease in gently with carrying a pack and nutrition on the go.’

‘If you are nervous of doing an ultra for the first time or are just worried you are too slow to do one, give it a go, you really won't regret it and I guarantee you will go back again - I am.’

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