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7 articles on clean running, ‘hundos’, fitness trackers and ultra commandments

Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on clean running, ‘hundos’, fitness trackers and ultra commandments


Last updated: 15-Nov-18

By Elsa Trujillo

We have a varied and interesting selection of articles for you this week. They include the changes in policy that are being implemented by some ultra events and individual ultra runners to fight doping in running; an insight into why the 100-mile distance is so iconic for many runners; a recent study on how obsessing about your fitness tracker results can affect your weight; a list of things to bear in mind before your important race day; and running with children.

In our video selection this week we show you a beautiful time-lapse of a year of running in Montana. And, last but not least, our very own free training plan for tackling a 50km ultra.

A new trend to fight doping in ultra running?
The North Face USA Endurance Challenge Series has inaugurated a new policy by which athletes who have been banned for doping by IAF, WADA or USADA will be allowed to run after suspension but will not be eligible for prize money, awards, podium, recognition or rankings. Read the article here.

You can follow in the footsteps of other ultra runners from around the globe and pledge to run clean by signing up to the Run Clean Get Dirty website.

Are you in the 100-Mile Club?
Many experienced ultra runners consider the 100-mile distance, or ‘hundo’, as the gold standard of ultra running. With more calories burnt than the Tour de France or an ironman, running 100 miles through day and night involves not just more hours of training but a better understanding of fuelling and mental strength. Read the article here.

Beware of the fitness tracker
The Journal of American Medicine has revealed that in one of their studies, young adults lost less weight through exercise when wearing a fitness tracker. Read the article to find out why they think feedback can lead to “train gain”.

10 commandments of race day
If you’ve run more than two races in your life, you’ve probably developed the most basic list of do’s and don’ts before setting off on race day. Here, David Roche, an experienced ultra runner shares his 10 race day commandments. This article is no longer available.

10 reasons to take your children running
Start a new generation of runners by sharing the love of trail running with your children. Read why this could turn out to be a great idea and how both parents and children will learn from the experience.

Running through the seasons
Jeff Dougherty from Montana strapped a GoPro to his forehead and used a camera and ran 150 miles of his local 5-mile loop in one year. This is what he saw, watch the time-lapse “Running the seasons” video.

Free RunUltra training guide
If you’re really “not there yet” for your first 100-miler, try 50km (or 31 miles) and use RunUltra’s free training plan to get your body over the finish line. Start here.

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