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7 articles on glycogen, speed, mountain running, health and UTMB 2016

Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on glycogen, speed, mountain running, health and UTMB 2016


Last updated: 24-Oct-18

By Elsa Trujillo

Autumn is but a few weeks away in the Northern Hemisphere and, in Europe, most mountain ultra running events of the summer season have packed up and are already planning their 2017 editions. In this week’s selection of articles from the web we bring you health and nutrition, some fantastic views of the Alps and a report on the greatest mountain event in Europe, the UTMB. And if you fancy your chances for next year’s edition, we’re also including the exclusive RunUltra free guide to become an ultra running competitor.

Don’t run out of steam
Read Charley Radcliffe’s article on how to properly manage your eating and nutrition when ultra training in the mountains. Learn how to properly eat and drink before a race to avoid running out of energy while out on the trails.

Need speed?
David Roche has four tips to improve your speed in an ultra marathon: aerobic endurance, long runs, intervals and tapering. Read the article here. This article is no longer available.

Sun, rain, fog
If you’re thinking about signing up for your first mountain ultra, experience the sun, the rain, the fog, the rush and the beauty of an Alpine run in Europe seen in David Carlier’s video of the 2016 edition Matterhorn Ultraks in Switzerland.

An unwelcome crossroads
What happens when two lives dedicated to long distance running intersect with serious illness. Read this article by John Trent.

2016 UTMB
This year, our very own Alice Morrison was on the ground at Chamonix to experience the epic week of running that is the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc in France. Read her final report here.

Running in the US?
If you’re looking for great runs in the US of A, here is a selection of 15 trail runs of different distances and locations to whet your appetite. Browse the list here.

From finisher to competitor
In case you missed it, we recently published a free training guide to help you progress from ultra running finisher to ultra running “master” or competitor. Apply Andy Mouncey’s plan here.

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