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Photo credit: Ryk Downes (Reservoir Dogs Ultra)

Top Reviews August 2017


Last updated: 25-Oct-18

By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top reviews for August. Congratulations to John Ryan (@ultraventure) who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

North Downs Way 100 - England, UK

We really liked John’s glowing report of the North Downs Way 100. He details very clearly, why he liked the race so much (a lot of it has to do with the organisation!). But also provides some very useful information for the prospective entrant.

Probably one of the most friendly races I have done and I think this has to be down to how Centurion run their races.’

In no particular order, here’s the remaining top 9 reviews for August:

Lavaredo Ultra Trail - Italy

Well, John Ryan was busy this month with another top review. This time from the Lavaredo Ultra Trail. Much like his NDW100 review, we really liked the well-written, easy-to-read nature of the report, with a liberal dash of useful information. The DJ’s at the race do sound exciting…

Race starts at 11pm like a lot of the UT race series so the crowd are out and the music is pumping at the start line with radio DJ type presenters getting very excited about it all.

Reservoir Dogs Ultra - England, UK

The sun always shines for Punk Panther.’

We love the opening line of this review from Simon Bourke (@Simon_Bourke), and it’s not just the opener that’s a winner. The rest of the meaty report, covers the race in precise detail, which, if you’re considering the event, is a goldmine of useful info.

Matterhorn Ultraks - Switzerland

Though short and sweet, Jeff Mitchell’s (@UKRunCat) review of the Matterhorn Ultraks contains the enticing line:

This is easily the most beautiful route that I've ever been on as it climbs up & down the mountains around Zermatt with the ever present Matterhorn dominating the landscape.’

We know Jeff has experienced a healthy number of absolutely fantastic races, so this is quite the accolade coming from him.

Ridgeway Challenge - England, UK

No collection of monthly race reviews would be complete, without a cracker from RunUltra’s very own Sarah Cooke (@SarahCrunning).

This race would be a good choice for anyone stepping up from 50 milers as it is well supported. The terrain is mostly runnable rather than technical although there are plenty of trip hazards in the woods and the ground is very uneven in the later stages.’

Fantastically written, as always. Sarah’s review should be a must-read for anyone interested in the Ridgeway Challenge.

Voyageur 50 Mile Trail Ultra Marathon - USA

There is something special about the Voyageur 50. Personally, my heart is in this race. And I use the term “race” quite loosely.’ 

Anthony Forrest McMahan delivers an incredibly in-depth account of his experience of the Voyageur 50 Mile Trail Ultra Marathon. Written with a notably personal touch, this is a fantastic read.

The very first time I ran the out-and-back trail race, I was inexperienced and supremely naïve when it came to running. But that first race holds so many memories. And every year I come back I find that it hasn’t lost that feeling.’

Conquest of Avalon - England, UK

I really want to like this event as the organiser is great and the whole thing has a really nice feel to it, however there were a couple of issues with the event this year.

We always appreciate reading a critical review of a race and David Beard pens a fair assessment of the Conquest of Avalon. It goes to show that even small issues, like incorrectly communicated aid station gaps, can have a distinct effect on the participants. Otherwise, it does sound like a great race and we hope the organisers can iron out the niggles for next year.

Ultra Race Dolichos: Delphi-Olympia - Greece

This is a mammoth report, that does appear copied from the author, Martin Ilot’s personal website or similar. However, it is a very interesting read that highlights this amazing-sounding Greek ultra marathon, the Delphi-Olympia.

The Doliho, derived from Dolichos a long-race of approximately 4800 m introduced into the ancient Olympic Games in 720 BC, is an epic ultra race from Delphi to Olympia covering a distance of 255 Km with a 48 hour cut-off.’

Salisbury 5 4 3 2 1 - England, UK

In his review of the Salisbury 54321, Adam Mangan paints an attractive picture…..

The terrain: very scenic, some hills, a few roads, trails, fields, foot paths and some wonderful country estate roads. What I liked most was the mix of terrain was constant so it was interesting to run and felt less of a slog than some of the races I have done.’

Highland Fling Race - Scotland, UK

Last but not least, we have a cracking review of the Highland Fling Race by Gary Larman. Injecting snippets of humour here and there - reading this account certainly gave us a smile.

Once clear of the loch I actually made good progress towards bein glass farm until I kicked a feckin tree root and took a heeder into the grass nearby! (A lot of swear words emerged...ones I didn't even know I knew)

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