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Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on body changes, hiking, running efficiency, training tips and holiday training


Last updated: 28-Sep-18

By Elsa Trujillo

For ultra runners, a change of season and weather brings a change of pace and some long term training goals for 2019 events. This week, we’ve put together a great collection of training-related articles for all your running endeavours and aspirations.

We explore the benefits of running, share a video to improve your posture when hiking uphill, have a psychological piece on the self-imposed struggles of every runner, and two great pieces on different ways to improve your running efficiency.

Finally, we feature 12 great tips on how to approach training and our very own James Eacott’s recommendations to maintain your training whilst on holiday. Enjoy.

Body charging
In this article, David Roche explores a recent scientific study that lays out the huge benefits to your body derived from long term training and exercise. Read it here.

Power hiking
Do you know the correct posture for effective power hiking? There is a chance you probably don’t. Watch David Roche explain in this video.

Don’t complain
In this article, Errol Jones, explores the differences between self-imposed challenges in the extreme sport of ultra running and real adversity. Read the article here.

Stride frequency
No matter how hard you try, your stride will vary throughout a race. This article explores the relationship between stride and frequency and how they affect your running efficiency.

Recovery advice
Four steps in the Cucuzzella method to avoid injuries and increase running efficiency. Read the article here.

Training tips
Twelve great tips from great runners to help you improve the training months ahead. Read them here.

Holiday fitness
Wise travelers know that September is one of the great months for taking a holiday. If this is you, here are some RunUltra tips to make the most of your family holiday training.

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