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7 articles on boredom, motivation, etiquette, back-to-backs and cross training

Photo credit: RunUltra.

7 articles on boredom, motivation, etiquette, back-to-backs and cross training


By Elsa Trujillo

If you’re bored and distracted when it comes to your autumn training goals, we have a great choice for you this week. We’ve selected articles that deal with lack of motivation and inspiration when running, an assessment of back to back training runs and the benefits of supplementary cross training exercises.

However, if your motivation is sky-high and your training runs are on track, how about re-examining your trail etiquette next time you head to the hills? It’s not just about saying hello.

Finally, a great film about (very) long distance running that, among other things, also explores motivation, philosophy and the running spirit.

Enjoy and run well.

Run and Become
The Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race is unique. Located in New York City, participants must run at least 59 miles  a day for 52 straight days to finish. Yes, 52 days in a row. Run and Become is a film exploring ultra running, different philosophies and world-wide cultures. Watch the trailer.

Boredom and motivation
Run out of mojo? Has it become an uphill struggle just to get your running shoes on and head for the door?

Amy Clark of Ultrarunning Magazine has 3 great tips to get you back on (the) track. Read them here.

Sometimes it’s boredom that kills motivation. Susan Lacke of Running Competitor explains how re-engaging with your training by way of mindfulness might be your answer. Read her advice here.

Be nice
Polish up on your trail etiquette by making sure you respect your natural environment and the people you share the trail tracks with. Read this article on good running manners.

Back-to-back training runs: yes or no?
Dedicated training plans for long distance running can include back to back training runs. This article explores the pros and cons of spending your entire weekend on the run. Read them here.

Cross training
In this article David Roche discusses more pros and cons, this time about cross training as an ultra running training supplement. Read it here.

And finally, here are 7 great cross training sessions recommended by our very own James Eacott: cycling, swimming, rowing, S&C, elliptical and steps. Find them here.

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