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Addo Elephant Trail Run

06-Mar-2020 Addo Elephant National Park, Eastern Cape, South Africa


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Trail Race Race Terrain
161KM / 100Miles
3 Days - 500 Runners

Alternate Distances: 76KM/47M 44KM/27M

DIFFICULTY Race Difficulty Brutal  

Entry From 3950 ZAR

Experience The Addo Elephant Trail Run, presented by HOKA ONE ONE

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run wild and free through true African wilderness?

Imagine being surrounded by the animals, sights and sounds of the African bush as you test yourself against the distance & challenges of an ultra trail run?

If you are looking for a truly wild trail running adventure, then we invite you to take on the 100 Mile, 76km or 44km ultra-trail runs through the vast and beautiful Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

Feel the excitement and thrill of running wild through the African bush!

Addo is the ONLY national park in the world that can lay claim to having the Big 7 (elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, southern right whale and the great white shark).

With race routes designed to test you both mentally and physically, the trails track the rugged Zuurberg mountains and beautiful valleys of the park.

You will be challenged to run on a wide range of terrain including single track trails, 4x4 tracks and old jeep tracks within the park itself, as well as some stretches of dirt road.

You will encounter a large number of river crossings, and will also face some challenging climbs, with expansive views at the top that are simply amazing!

You will be running in areas of the park that are home to a variety of wild animals, and you stand a chance of seeing animals such as kudu, impala, baboons, ostriches, bushbuck, black backed jackals, mountain reedbuck, red hartebeest, mountain zebra, warthogs and the largest antelope in the world - the eland! These have all been spotted on our route recces.

For safety purposes you are kept away from those areas of the park with lions, elephant, rhino or buffalo, but you are free to explore these areas before or after the race.

The event is ITRA certified, and you will earn points if you finish as follows:

100 Mile = 6 points | 76km = 3 points | 44km = 2 points

We are exceptionally privileged to be able to present an ultra trail event in this amazing location, and to provide our athletes with the opportunity to see and experience it from such a unique perspective.

If you think you are fit enough to go the distance then click here to enter now, and come and experience a truly wild ultra trail running adventure!


Event Organiser
Live Adventure



Elevation: Very little change < 500 metres. Benign running terrain, not technical.

Suitable for: First ultra runners completing a marathon or doing regular long distance running in the last six months.


Elevation: Increase of up to 1000 metres

Suitable for: Runners who have completed at least one ultra distance race (or similar event) or are doing long distance running (>26 miles) regularly, with elevation shown.


Elevation: Increase of up to 1500 metres

Suitable for: Runners who have completed several ultra distances or similar events, or are doing long distance running regularly, with elevation shown.


Elevation: Increase of up to 2000 metres with some challenging climatic conditions (e.g. ice, snow, humidity or heat) and or technical terrain

Suitable for: Experienced runners who have completed at least regular ultra distances in last 12 months, or are doing regular long distance running (>50 miles) with elevation and conditions shown (where possible). Admission to these races may be subject to evidence of recent qualifying race participation and recent medical examination certificate. Check with the race organiser regarding entry requirements.


Elevation: Increase of up to 2000 metres with very challenging climatic conditions (e.g. ice, snow, humidity, heat or at high altitude) and or technical terrain.

Suitable for: Very experienced long distance ultra runners (min 3 years’ experience) or are doing regular long distance running (>50 miles) with elevation and conditions shown (where possible). Admission to these races is often subject to evidence of recent qualifying race participation and recent medical examination certificate. Purchase of specialist kit is often recommended for these races.

Endurance - Multi-activity

Type: An ultra distance race including at least two of the following activities such as running, swimming, cycling, kayaking, skiing and climbing. It may also include different climatic conditions (eg ice, snow, humidity, cold water, mud or heat).

Suitable for: Experienced multi-skilled athletes who have trained for the different activities included in this event. Admission to these races may be subject to receipt of a recent medical examination certificate. Check with the race organiser regarding entry requirements and any specialist equipment required such as a wetsuit, skis or a mountain bike.

Global - Virtual

Type: A virtual race which can be run at any time shown on the dates shown, on any type of terrain in any country.

Suitable for: For runners from beginners to experienced as you choose your own course and challenge based on the guidelines and options set by the virtual race organiser.

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11:31 05-06-19

Addo 44km 2019. First trail run definitely - wan't easy but am hooked so looking for another on another continent for later this year!

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03:45 25-03-19

ADDO 100 -2019
The race was held over the weekend of 15-17 March 2019.
The popularity of this race is made evident by the huge field that showed up for the 100 miler. 80 brave souls toed the start this year. The race starts at 1400 hrs - at the height of the South African sun, a blistering 35ºC. The first 10km is on a gravel road - and it was the hardest 10 km of my life! the sun beat down mercilessly and I could feel my energy sapping away! The start of the trail was a welcome relief and the views immediately were quite rewarding! rolling green hills made running such a joy!
The race has a cut off of 37 hours - with really tight cut off times.
The lazy sunset sets in slowly and the darkness creeps in - almost no time to stop and strap on headlamps.
The course is well marked out with reflective strips - though we were warned the baboons ( that call the park home ) tend to remove them!
When the kit inspection was done, the emphasis was on equipment - more than on food. For good reason! the check points are well stocked! So much food and drink - its literally a buffet from sweets to potatoes and droewors ( dried sausage ) And the crews are the friendliest I've seen in any ultra!
The race is brutal - make no mistake! The undulating hills take their toll ! by the 100 km check point ( which is technically half way ) Expect to double your 100 km time to complete the 164 km +/- !
Oh by the way, you will go through the valley of tears - the hottest ( and driest part of the course ) All I can say is valley is a misnomer because there is some serious climbing !)
The last 60 km is just painful - the race finish is nowhere in sight and the hills in the final 5 km are just mean!
You get a buckle if you make it to the end - and yeah it is well deserved.
Run ADDO 100 if you like your trail running fast tough and wild!

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08:06 08-03-16

Did the 44k this year - first long run for me and got me hooked. great organisation and an amazing place to run. Couple of tough climbs even in this one. Hoping to be back next year to try the 100.....

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07:50 06-03-16

The Addo 100 is like no race out.100 miles through untamed trails where wild animal roam free. Getting the opportunity to run through the second biggest game reserve in South Africa and the only with the BIG 7 was something 37 trail runners were not going to miss. It was clear from the start that there were a few runners that were for business. It wasn't long and the terrain started changing and we were in Addo country. Dirt road, jeep track, single track and river crossings, it was all there. Flat fast sections, technical downhills and knee breaking uphills.One of the best parts was running at night under a full moon with the sounds of nature and beady eyes reflecting from your headlamp. The check points and the people at them were awesome. Their willingness to help and the spread of food was second to none. One of the prettiest parts of the run was a section of the trail that had not been used in the past 20 years. A small contour path lead the way to the final climb and the start of another amazing section of trail. The final 10k involved crossing numerous streams, which, at that time of the day offered a great place to cool down. As you come over the last bump you can see the finish and the emotions kick in. To think you covered 100 miles with over 5500m elevation through some of the wildest trails out there is pretty rad and something every run who started, finished or not, should be proud of. The Free Spirit Adventures team did an incredible job to organise and coordinate 3 ultra trail runs (44km, 76km, 100miler) on the same weekend, pull it off and have put a smile on everybody's face is world class. This is definitely a race to save on your calendar and dates for 2017 are already available.

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03:53 05-03-16

One of the best organised races I've ever done. The route is quite challenging from about 110km onwards. Truly running in the wild.

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08:13 16-03-15

What an awesome race. It was my first trail ultra and I did the 44km with my sister and some friends. I absolutely loved it and will be back next year for sure.

The scenery was amazing, the trail varied and the water points well stocked. Great organisation.

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04:07 12-03-15

Three of us ladies from George/Knysna area, ranging in age from 58 to 42, walk the 44km trail, absolutely stunning. Very well run event, scenery spectacular, awesome vibe from runners, walkers and support people. Don't miss this event next year you will not be sorry.

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11:05 12-03-15

The 44km was my first long trail run, and I absolutely loved it. Spectacular views and a great atmosphere. A few weeks later I am still talking to people about this adventure as it was definitely a highlight in my "running career". It was very well organised and all paths were clearly marked. The support people at the water stations and checkpoints were awesome. There were so many treats available to feed on for energy. Definitely tackling the 76km next year, and have already convinced a few people to join in.

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[email protected]

10:39 12-03-15

Amazing trail run. I did the 44km in 2015 with my sister and some of our friends. It was unbelievable. The most beautiful views and experience. I can't wait to do it again!

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11:14 21-11-14

I ran this race in 2012 when the short distance was 50km. It's absolutely stunning, some tough climbs, lovely river crossings, and access to areas of the Addo National Elephant Park that the public doesn't get to see. The water points / checkpoints are fantastic, well stocked, and with plenty of friendly faces! A really unique race, and one of the oldest trail runs in South Africa. Well worth it!

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