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Ham & Lyme 100k/50k

07-Jul-2018 Ham Hill Country Park, Somerset, UK (England)


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Trail Race Race Terrain
100KM / 62Miles
1 Day - 100 maximum per distance Runners

Alternate Distances: 50KM/31M

DIFFICULTY Race Difficulty Advanced  

The Ham & Lyme races take in the stunning Liberty Trail, which runs from Ham Hill Country Park in Somerset to Lyme Regis in Dorset, taking in some fabulous locations along the way, including the beautiful grounds of Forde Abbey, the enchanting Wayford Woods, the breathtaking panoramas from Lambert's Castle and a number of pretty villages, before descending to wonderful Lyme Regis with its famous Cobb.

You have the option of finishing in Lyme, where you can sit with some well-earned fish & chips and watch the waves lap against the shore, or the fishing boats in the harbour, or you can take a pit stop in Lyme before turning and running back the other way - 50k or 100k, the choice is yours.

You will be following in the footsteps of villagers who walked down towards the sea to join the Monmouth Rebellion in 1685. The rebels would have worn green sprigs in their hats to declare their support for the Protestant Monmouth, and may have carried scythes. We'd recommend you carry a water bottle instead, because you're a few hundred years too late to join the rebellion, but as you run through this incredible landscape you may get some kind of a feel for the journey those rebels took.

Cut-off times - 7.5 hours for 50k, 15.5 hours for 100k (please note, cut-off times are a guide and we will normally allow a little leeway).


Event Organiser
Dave Urwin



Elevation: Very little change < 500 metres. Benign running terrain, not technical.

Suitable for: First ultra runners completing a marathon or doing regular long distance running in the last six months.


Elevation: Increase of up to 1000 metres

Suitable for: Runners who have completed at least one ultra distance race (or similar event) or are doing long distance running (>26 miles) regularly, with elevation shown.


Elevation: Increase of up to 1500 metres

Suitable for: Runners who have completed several ultra distances or similar events, or are doing long distance running regularly, with elevation shown.


Elevation: Increase of up to 2000 metres with some challenging climatic conditions (e.g. ice, snow, humidity or heat) and or technical terrain

Suitable for: Experienced runners who have completed at least regular ultra distances in last 12 months, or are doing regular long distance running (>50 miles) with elevation and conditions shown (where possible). Admission to these races may be subject to evidence of recent qualifying race participation and recent medical examination certificate. Check with the race organiser regarding entry requirements.


Elevation: Increase of up to 2000 metres with very challenging climatic conditions (e.g. ice, snow, humidity, heat or at high altitude) and or technical terrain.

Suitable for: Very experienced long distance ultra runners (min 3 years’ experience) or are doing regular long distance running (>50 miles) with elevation and conditions shown (where possible). Admission to these races is often subject to evidence of recent qualifying race participation and recent medical examination certificate. Purchase of specialist kit is often recommended for these races.

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04:30 17-07-17

July 2017 This was my first Ham & Lyme Ultra and my first with Albion running so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I did have to change from 100k to 50k due to time restraints. The organisers were very accommodating and made to switch with no fuss. I got to the starting area at Ham Hill Country park in Somerset with an hour to spare and spent a bit of time talking with other runners. We started on time after a relaxed and jolly introduction from David of Albion Running. The route was mainly off road however there were a couple of moving vehicle near the start. It didn’t take long to get speed up through some trails so I was able to find a comfortable position early. My first mistake was to follow a runner ahead of me who went the wrong way. I cant blame the markings however I did struggle to find the right route on a few occasions. Three of us navigated our way back onto the route which cost us about a kilometre. The first aid station was well stocked with plenty of marshals handing out water and supplies. There is 3 Aid stations plus one at the finish, all equally well stocked with fuel. I was surprised how many people were at check points cheering us on. The trail was wonderful, a real mix of woodland, open field and foot paths. The hills were in the main runnable but there were a few that were just a little too steep for me to run. There was a nasty climb after the 2nd aid station. If you like beautiful scenery, mixed terrain (95% off road) and isolated trails then this is a great event. Personally, I don’t mind the challenge of staying on the route, however there is a good chance that you will go wrong at some point. The majority I spoke to at the end stayed on route so it isn’t that bad. With the 100k runners passing us in the opposite direction, I was pleased to be doing just the 50k on such a hot day. The last 4-5 kilometres is downhill with plenty of shade, so I was able to find a second wind and kick a bit faster. The finish lead into Lyme Regis, turning sharply for the sea front where we were met with lots of cheers and claps towards the quaint finish line.
Overall, I enjoyed the challenge, loved the scenery and terrain but I suggest you make sure you have the route fully loaded into your phones as it can be difficult to navigate at a few points. The Marshals were first class and encouraging and the organisation was relaxed and enjoyable. Thanks David and Natanya

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12:43 17-07-17

08Jul2017: This is what an ultra marathon trail race should be like - a good mix of elite runners, beginners and intermediates, pitting their determination and motivation into a beautiful course with gorgeous scenery. The event was very well organised, with adequate support at well-stocked checkpoints. Whilst the cumulative elevation gain wasn't going to make the record books, at 1,100+ meters it was sufficient to contribute significantly to the challenges of the day. The organisers were attentive and accessible at the race start, and the checkpoints were manned by eager and enthusiastic volunteers, with no shortage of food and drink. All in all, I'm very pleased to have entered and completed the Ham & Lyme 50K and would have no hesitation to recommend the race to others. Congratulations to Dave and Natanya, from Albion Running, and their team!

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