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Ohrid Trail

25-May-2019 Ohrid, Ohrid, Macedonia


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Mountains Race Race Terrain
60KM / 37Miles
1 Day - 600 Runners

Alternate Distances: 35KM/22M

DIFFICULTY Race Difficulty Advanced  

Entry From €40 EUR


Beautiful mountains rising above the deepest lake, a peaceful environment, green fields and a contrast of sharp and soft trails leading to the most magnificent views. That’s what runners can expect from Ohrid Trail. Come and let us show you little bit more of this magical place.

The city of Ohrid and the Lake Ohrid are the two most valued Macedonian jewels. The shores of the lake have been inhabited since prehistoric time and the whole region is residing on land full of neolithic settlements, tombs from the Iron Age, acropolis from ancient times, many churches from early christian period. It is Ohrid, where the first literary school was founded by Saint Kliment, thus the Slavic literacy begun spreading.

There is so much history and cultural heritage there, it is hard to compress it all in a few sentences. If you are history enthusiast, you like museums and old churches, no matter how long you stay, you will need a few days more.

That being said, this whole region not only has history as old as time with many monuments to testify, but it also has one of the most unique lakes. Being the largest and the most beautiful out of Macedonia’s three tectonic lakes, Lake Ohrid is about 30 km wide and 288 m deep. It is one of Europe’s deepest and oldest lakes, preserving a unique aquatic ecosystem that is of worldwide importance, with more than 200 endemic species.

The importance of the lake was further emphasized when it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979 and when, in 2010, NASA decided to name one of Titan's lakes after Lake Ohrid. Its astonishingly clean and clear waters, together with the serene stillness of its mountain settings are breathtaking and will make you stop for a while no matter if you run to win or you are the last on the track.

All that nature is crowned with the backbone of mount Galicica, home to the autochthon Balkan Lynx, where the trail leads you to the most magnificent view. From the other side, there is the second largest lake in our country, lake Prespa which is known by its natural biodiversity.

There are about 200 bird species, 104 of which are water birds. As of this number, 62 species are enlisted on the List of Protected Species according to the Bern Convention, while three of them are on the European Red List of Globally Endangered Species. And in the distance the eye catches the proudly risen mount Baba and the National Park Pelister with all its beauty.

For the first edition of the trail running event which will be held in one of the most beautiful places in Europe on 25-26 May 2019, you can choose between 60 kilometer long route with staggering 3200 meters of climb and descent, and the short distance of 35 kilometers with 1500 meters of climb and descent.  The longer race starts from the renowned monastery St. Naum, climbs to the strictly protected region of Mount Galichica to the peaks Kota F10 and Magaro - 2255 a.s.l, passes through the entire ridge of the mountain and descends with finis in the city of Ohrid. The shorter race starts from the place Eleshec, continues to the village Elshani and on the steep ridge connects to the longer trail. 

Registrations are opened on the official web site www.ohridtrail.mk


Event Organiser
Igor Jovanovski