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The Oner Ultra Run

10-Apr-2021 Lulworth, Dorset, UK (England)


Image Mask
Trail Race Race Terrain
132KM / 82Miles
1 Day - 150 Runners

Alternate Distances: 66KM/45M 32KM/28M

DIFFICULTY Race Difficulty Brutal  

Entry From £180 GBP

This is the mother of all ultra trail runs!  And the full Oner is awarded 5 UTMB points.

A triple marathon over the world famous Jurassic coastline with over ten thousand foot of ascent and a strict 24 hour time limit. This is a seriously tough event with only 50% of runners normally making it to the finish line.

In 2020 the event is being run in reverse starting at Studland and finishing at Charmouth.  

HQ will be at Lulworth Village Hall from 0800 Saturday 4th April 2020 and after briefing all runners will be bused to the start at Studland Beach.

All runners (full/half) are supplied with a tracking device for safety (link available for family / friends to view your progress). Hot meals available at the halfway point and all other checkpoints have food / hot drinks.

Check points are approximately every 10k.


Event Organiser
James Page



Elevation: Very little change < 500 metres. Benign running terrain, not technical.

Suitable for: First ultra runners completing a marathon or doing regular long distance running in the last six months.


Elevation: Increase of up to 1000 metres

Suitable for: Runners who have completed at least one ultra distance race (or similar event) or are doing long distance running (>26 miles) regularly, with elevation shown.


Elevation: Increase of up to 1500 metres

Suitable for: Runners who have completed several ultra distances or similar events, or are doing long distance running regularly, with elevation shown.


Elevation: Increase of up to 2000 metres with some challenging climatic conditions (e.g. ice, snow, humidity or heat) and or technical terrain

Suitable for: Experienced runners who have completed at least regular ultra distances in last 12 months, or are doing regular long distance running (>50 miles) with elevation and conditions shown (where possible). Admission to these races may be subject to evidence of recent qualifying race participation and recent medical examination certificate. Check with the race organiser regarding entry requirements.


Elevation: Increase of up to 2000 metres with very challenging climatic conditions (e.g. ice, snow, humidity, heat or at high altitude) and or technical terrain.

Suitable for: Very experienced long distance ultra runners (min 3 years’ experience) or are doing regular long distance running (>50 miles) with elevation and conditions shown (where possible). Admission to these races is often subject to evidence of recent qualifying race participation and recent medical examination certificate. Purchase of specialist kit is often recommended for these races.

Endurance - Multi-activity

Type: An ultra distance race including at least two of the following activities such as running, swimming, cycling, kayaking, skiing and climbing. It may also include different climatic conditions (eg ice, snow, humidity, cold water, mud or heat).

Suitable for: Experienced multi-skilled athletes who have trained for the different activities included in this event. Admission to these races may be subject to receipt of a recent medical examination certificate. Check with the race organiser regarding entry requirements and any specialist equipment required such as a wetsuit, skis or a mountain bike.

Global - Virtual

Type: A virtual race which can be run at any time shown on the dates shown, on any type of terrain in any country.

Suitable for: For runners from beginners to experienced as you choose your own course and challenge based on the guidelines and options set by the virtual race organiser.

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02:18 13-05-19

Helstroud, I ran the route this year with Boris and from my recce chose big lugs. This turned out to be an error causing sore feet later on (though not fatal). The route had dried out so much over the 4 weeks since I ran the last section I doubt they saw 25m of mud over the whole 82 miles. I know that not the experience of previous years but it clearly can happen.

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01:05 17-04-19

My toenails are still recovering from the Oner - Rab’s Ultra 2019. I started the race accompanied by another 92 fools like myself around 12pm on Saturday under the sunshine and unusually dry terrain but with a constant and rather annoying north-east facing wind that will not leave us alone until the end. The night section was by far the hardest and the most spectacular but it was definitely too cold to fully enjoy it! The dry & uneven terrain in the last 40 km was absolutely agony for my injured ankle but I refused to quit! Thank you Paracetamol! The hills were really tough but actually nicer than those horrible downhill slopes, most of them made of concrete steps. Don’t even get me started with that last 2.5 miles run ... on a never-ending sandy beach. Fantastic support from the organisers ( and I mean it, they were all friendly, even in the middle of the night ). Great experience. Out of this world landscape. Do not attempt this adventure without preparation, a decent kit or if you are terrible at map reading. Would I do it again? Yes but hopefully much faster and not alone this time.

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07:49 05-05-18

Ran in 2018. An absolutely incredible race. Amazing scenery, organisation was top, everyone very supportive and the course is tough! I finished with a dirty great smile on my face and asked immediately if I could crew next year. The support on this event is SO good it just makes you want to give back and help other runners.
Tips - Recce the route. It looks easy from the map, but it's bloomin not! Take trekking poles, and shoes with big lugs from halfway are a very good idea. Get as much climb into your training as you can. And have fun! It's a wonderful race, and the views are breathtaking.

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11:34 25-01-16

Ran this in 2015. Was super-tough, and the advertised rate of 50% DNF is realistic.
If you can get past the brutal terrain, the course is spectacular, and hugely rewarding.
the support for the organisers is second to none, and you're met with a cheery face and plenty of food/drink at every check point, no matter what time of the day or night it is.
As has already been said, I'd highly reccommend entry

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09:39 15-04-15

This event is not for the feint hearted. It has a 50% drop out rate of persons not finishing it, and I can now understand why. The course is brutal and although you are on the Stunning South West Coast Path, don't be fooled into thinking you cant get lost. The race is a self navigation race and I would highly recommend checking the route out before race day. There are a few technical bits and when its 2am, dark, you are cold and not thinking straight, its quite easy to get lost and miss a turn. This is a hard race.

Its not all doom and gloom though. The race is well supported with check points roughly 10 -12K apart, well stocked aid stations and supporting marshals who are really encouraging. Great camaraderie between the people racing which really helps pass the miles away.
A great deal has gone into safety and the GPS tracker lets your friends and family know exactly where you are. I had a text from a friend to tell me I had taken a wrong turn. This would have been great if I hadn't turned it to silent!

I would recommend this race and a Jon below has commented, train hard and give it a go. Anything is possible!

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03:05 15-04-15

Running 80 miles, 82, 83 (whatever your GPS data says) is NO easy task, add a few hills, 10hrs of darkness, some rain if you're un/lucky and whatever else Mother Nature throws at you and you'll understand why there is a 50% finish rate food this event.
It's tough.
It's hard.
It's relentless, both the hills and the flats.

The Brutal team put on an amazingly well organised event, everyone is well looked after, excellent support, encouragement and safety is paramount. GPS tracking is so so good for your friends and family. As is the cake and soup!

Question is, am I brave or mad enough to sign up for the 3rd time?

Sign up, train hard and test yourself!

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