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The NoMad Ultra

22-Jun-2019 Derbyshire, UK (England)


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Trail Race Race Terrain
80KM / 50Miles
1 Day - 180 Runners

Alternate Distances: 50KM/31M

DIFFICULTY Race Difficulty Intermediate  

Entry From £34 GBP

A Scenic 50 mile Ultra, 50 km ultra and Relay Race, multi terrain circular run mainly following Derby Nomad trail around Derbyshire.

Starting and finishing in Breaston, M1 Jct 25.

Pleasant rolling countryside with 850m climb with canal, trail and some road.

Ultra options: 50mile, 50km and Team Relay Challenge.

The Nomad 50mile is a multi terrain circular run around Derbyshire (England). It starts and finishes at Breaston and includes a 605m climb.

The route is partly marked but basic navigational skills are necessary. Support and refreshments will be arranged at five aid stations. The cut off time is 13 hours.

The Team Relay Challenge follows the 50mile route. Teams are comprised of six runners and the legs range from 5.25 to 10 miles.

The Nomad 50km is also a circular event and shares sections of the Nomad 50mile (start and finish sections) and then turns into the city of Derby. Refreshments, food and support are available at three checkpoints. The cut off time is 10 hours.


Event Organiser



Elevation: Very little change < 500 metres. Benign running terrain, not technical.

Suitable for: First ultra runners completing a marathon or doing regular long distance running in the last six months.


Elevation: Increase of up to 1000 metres

Suitable for: Runners who have completed at least one ultra distance race (or similar event) or are doing long distance running (>26 miles) regularly, with elevation shown.


Elevation: Increase of up to 1500 metres

Suitable for: Runners who have completed several ultra distances or similar events, or are doing long distance running regularly, with elevation shown.


Elevation: Increase of up to 2000 metres with some challenging climatic conditions (e.g. ice, snow, humidity or heat) and or technical terrain

Suitable for: Experienced runners who have completed at least regular ultra distances in last 12 months, or are doing regular long distance running (>50 miles) with elevation and conditions shown (where possible). Admission to these races may be subject to evidence of recent qualifying race participation and recent medical examination certificate. Check with the race organiser regarding entry requirements.


Elevation: Increase of up to 2000 metres with very challenging climatic conditions (e.g. ice, snow, humidity, heat or at high altitude) and or technical terrain.

Suitable for: Very experienced long distance ultra runners (min 3 years’ experience) or are doing regular long distance running (>50 miles) with elevation and conditions shown (where possible). Admission to these races is often subject to evidence of recent qualifying race participation and recent medical examination certificate. Purchase of specialist kit is often recommended for these races.

Endurance - Multi-activity

Type: An ultra distance race including at least two of the following activities such as running, swimming, cycling, kayaking, skiing and climbing. It may also include different climatic conditions (eg ice, snow, humidity, cold water, mud or heat).

Suitable for: Experienced multi-skilled athletes who have trained for the different activities included in this event. Admission to these races may be subject to receipt of a recent medical examination certificate. Check with the race organiser regarding entry requirements and any specialist equipment required such as a wetsuit, skis or a mountain bike.

Global - Virtual

Type: A virtual race which can be run at any time shown on the dates shown, on any type of terrain in any country.

Suitable for: For runners from beginners to experienced as you choose your own course and challenge based on the guidelines and options set by the virtual race organiser.

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11:23 28-06-17

I really enjoyed this event, which was my first ultra. The support all around the course from the checkpoint marshals and those at the start and finish was brilliant. Especially considering the low price, I was very impressed by what was laid on for us throughout. The route is very attractive the whole way around, which certainly made the 50 miles go by a lot faster! I was glad of the provision of detailed directions, and the pink markers on the course, as even with the OS maps carefully marked, it was hard in sections where you cross often overgrown fields, to be sure you're heading to the correct part of the field, or even the correct field at times, whilst moving at a pace. On this note the only to things I would mark up to perhaps consider for next year - even with the helpful emails, I found that the arrangement of the various files on the websites and online storage was a bit confusing, especially with seemingly out of date directions still listed on race week (I know there was an issue with the webmaster being away, but maybe these could have come down earlier). It felt to me like the first first half and second half of the race had been marked out by different people - in the first half there seemed to be more regular pink markings and the directions were more helpful - i.e they highlighted specific trees, or other waypoints to aim for, which really helped. It could have been my imagination, but I would have loved the same degree of guidance in the second half when I was most in need of it - in places the pink markers really seemed to dry up! But overall, I loved the event, would definitely come back, and would certainly say it was worth five stars!!

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11:55 26-06-17

My second time running this event..50K..and It's ever better than last. By far this is the best pound for pound race I've done. A very friendly race and excellent for a those new to the world of ultra. Level canal paths through to around 18/19 miles.....the final 12/13 becoming steeper and more technical. The route is marked with a mixture of signs/paint/arrows as well as detailed instruction. (gpx provided).
Checkpoints well stocked with friendly people....sunscreen/insect cream provided at the start. Medal....T-shirt...gels....water...fruit.....free beer....hot food....EVEN free photos.....a TRULY SUPERB EVENT!!
A must for first time ultra runners

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11:41 26-06-17

Great price, great course (50 mile) and great marshal support along the way!! May not not have the hills of the Peak District but don't be fooled into thinking it's easy!! Undulating, a variety of surfaces (tarmac, smooth-rutted-overgrown trails), unending stiles, cheeky cut throughs, steps, cows!, and self navigation make for an adventurous time!! Thoroughly recommend it!!

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09:12 01-07-16

This was my second foray into the world of ultrarunning, and it was an immensely enjoyable experience.

The NoMad is a relatively low-key event with a limit of 150 entrants across three races (a 50 mile, a 50K and a team relay). This shouldn't infer however that the organisation is anything less than professional.

It is certainly well worth following the event on Facebook as it gives an insight into the considerable time and effort which goes into preparing the route, as well as all the other details such as the checkpoints, goody bags, and an impressive number of sponsors.

I took part in the 50K, which as one of the reviewers mentions below, is a mixture of canal (and cycle) paths for the first half (or so) but then requires more navigational nous later on as you traverse fields, multiple stiles, and nettles. The course is well marked but you do need a helping hand (detailed written instructions are provided but personally I'd recommend downloading the gpx route).

All the volunteers were fantastic. The checkpoints were friendly, supportive and well-stocked, whilst at the end there is food and real ale. The medal is decent, and the goody-bag pretty standard fare.

I would wholeheartedly recommend giving this event a go, and definitely plan to be back next year.

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08:45 30-06-16

What a day this was for my first ultra.

I took part in the 50k event and I couldn't recommend it enough. It's a very small event but fantastically organised.

The first half of the race is mainly flat canal paths. It then gets a bit hilly as you're running though fields and climbing stiles.

You will need to be pretty good at navigating but you are given good instructions (although we somehow got ourselves lost in some parts!)

The checkpoints are well stocked. Great medal. Jacket potato and free beer at the end. What more could you ask for?

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David Greenwood

06:13 19-08-15

Amazing organisation for such a small, seemingly low key event. From the Hoka sponsorship and prizes, to the constant stream of pre-race information, the 'event village' with food, drink and showers, well-stocked checkpoints and post-race goody bags, the Nomad puts bigger, more established events to shame.

The 50k is one of the three events running simultaneously, alongside the solo 50 miler and the 50 mile relay. Both distances start through fields before reaching the canal footpath on the way towards Derby. Whilst the 50 mile route winds through fields above the city, the 50k follows tarmac cycle paths straight into the centre and out the other side, meaning that the first real hill isn't reached till the 20 mile mark, with the final section incorporating fields, farm tracks, gates and stiles.

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09:19 24-07-15

Nomad 50k 2015. The first Ultra I have entered so I had no idea what to expect, but I was so happy to have signed up to this one. Great information and communication in the run up to the event, and on the day the team were welcoming, friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed. The route was great - nice and easy out on the canal and cycle paths for the first 20 miles. The terrain and navigation got more challenging in the final third, but this just made it great fun! The checkpoints were well stocked and the marshalls friendly. A lovely part of the county, and the fab weather helped make it a great day out exploring the countryside. On return to the finish line there was a beer tent, hot food and a great goody bag - what more could you want?! It is a low key event, but it deserves to have a bigger entry field for sure. The 50k (new distance this year) is a great way to get into Ultras and I will certainly be looking to enter again next year (I have a title to defend!) although may consider making the step up to the full 50 mile distance to give that a go....

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09:38 06-07-15

Nomad 50. Definitely a little gem of an event hosted by a very friendly local running club. Fantastic communication this year via FB with pictures and details of route changes being posted. The route is a mix of canals, roads and fields. Some of the route across the fields this year was very difficult - trying to run through a field of rape seed, beans and corn was very interesting. Fuel stations were well stocked along the way - sun cream and wet wipes were also made available for us. Some of the route was marked along the way. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of picking up a route for a local mountain bike course that had been marked out and ended up going round in circles until a young lad put me back on the right track. Can be very demanding mentally as I tend to run completely solo, so the navigation is down to me and I did go off course several times, despite this being my 2nd attempt. Stiles are very interesting along the way with strategically placed nettles and brambles - I was cursing at 48 miles when hips failed to work and couldn't quite get over the last few stiles coming back into the finish. Fab goodie bag and hot food at the end was a real treat. Definitely recommend doing this event and should my diary allow, I'll be back in 2016 to see how many times I get lost again.

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07:20 03-07-15

Nomad 50K. Low key is most defo the word for it. only about 33 people signed up for it. Good communication with the organisers via their facebook page. Good information regarding what to expect with regards to the route and support. The route is a bit of canals, bit of road ( tiny amount) and some field, trail paths. Flat first half follows the canal and a hilly second going through fields, roads and little tracks. Good fuel/ drink stations around the course which was most defo needed as it was super hot. The route was sign posted almost all the way around, they sprayed yellow direction arrows around the course and zoned banner tape on gates and stiles to help lead the way. This was all helped with photos and descriptions on the site and facebook. The goodie bag was ok with a free buff and some sample products. Then was a technical finishers Tee shirt. Wish there was a medal but this might come as the event grows. Good day if you are just getting into running ultramarathons. Will be doing it again. There is also a 50mile option for those that want the extra miles.

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12:53 28-04-15

Nomad 50 is a low key (around 40 entrant) 50 mile ultra circulating the city of Derby organised by a local running club. It starts off flat along the canal (so don't go out too fast!) then takes on some rougher trails, farmers fields (including cows!) and delightful trails. It follows the inconspicuous 'nomad' trail. It is not signposted that well but full descriptive instructions are given out. It is possible to get lost on the route but careful planning will help navigate the route.

It is quite a flat route,with around 1000ft of climb for 50 miles but the farmers fields and muddy trails can take it out on you. The last few miles are running slightly downhill across a luxurious golf course which is something to look forward to. The checkpoints are fully stocked with both savoury and sweet goodies so you don't need to really take too much of your own food. There is a drop bag option around 30 miles if you so wish to use it. Cake, tea, and massage is available at the end with a voucher for soup at the pub.

T-shirt, buff and a great goodie bag at the end makes this one of the best value low key ultra's around.

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