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ultraventure - 19/08/2018 13:38:32
Customer Care Experiences
Having done a few races recently, I discovered things that didn't really work for me with different pieces of equipment. Mostly these are with me rather than the manufacturer, so I contacted them looking for advice. It has now shaped my views and opinions of my experience.

ON Running - (product defect + advice) amazing customer care and very helpful
Fitbit (tech issues) Excellent customer care and very helpful
Hoka - (feet getting beaten up on tough ultras) Excellent, quick response and helpful advice
Patagonia (general query) good customer care and I got free stickers!
Garmin (watch issues) Have a dedicated team for customer care and do pretty well with customer returns and solving issues/advice
Black Diamond - Copy/paste email response to submit a warranty claim (asked them about purchasing spares to repair my folding poles). However after this email they seemed to warm up and provided useful advice and support

Runderwear - either by email or phone - they really were not sure what their product did or how it works
Ronhill (jacket specification suggestion) still not heard from them (2wk+)

Salomon - (shorts chafing issue) for all their marketing and social media they really don't like dealing with customers. I was told that they have never heard of anyone experiencing chafing with their S-Lab shorts - end of conversation!
GORE - (shorts chafing issue) Even though I contacted them via the email address on their site - they refused to deal directly with me and told me to direct all queries through the shop I bought their product from

The results were pretty surprising and I am wondering what other people's experience is with brands customer care?

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ultraventure - 28/08/2018 15:55:17
RE:Customer Care Experiences


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