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SarahCrunning - 15/03/2018 20:53:30
Badwater Cape Fear
On Saturday, 204 runners are scheduled to race either 51 miles or 50km from Bald Head Island, North Carolina. This is the first event of the Badwater Ultra Cup which concludes with the infamous Badwater 135 in July.

All runners will complete a 12 mile 'warm-up' along the roads of Bald Head Island, before either one or two loops of the remote beaches of Fort Fisher along the Atlantic Seaboard. The renowned Cape Fear is so called because it constantly changes size and shape with the tides, and many ships have got into trouble in the deceptively shallow waters near its shores.

One of this year's runners is 72 year-old Jay Birmingham. Jay was the second runner to successfully run between Badwater Basin and Mount Whitney (the Badwater 135 route) prior to the establishment of the Badwater race. He then bettered his time 23 years later by completing Badwater 135 at the age of 58.

Good luck to everyone running. We currently have no reviews of this race, so please let us know how you get on.
Sarah Cooke

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SarahCrunning - 28/03/2018 17:28:38
RE:Badwater Cape Fear
The results of this year's races have been released. These were the podium finishers:


1. Eric Hunziker (USA) - 6:39
2. Daniel Waldschmidt (USA) - 7:05
3. Walker Higgins (USA) - 7:16

1. Suzi Swinehart (USA) - 7:47
2. Patsy Ramirez-Arroyo (USA) - 8:22
3. Susie Chan (UK) - 8:47


1. Mark McGeough (USA) - 4:23
2. Luke Way (Canada) - 4:43
3. Nick LaBoffe (USA) - 4:45

1. Joyce Lee (USA) - 5:10
2. Sarah McGeough (USA) - 5:15
3. Susan Allen (USA) - 5:22
Sarah Cooke


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