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SarahCrunning - 04/01/2018 23:13:07
Bogong to Hotham: The Rooftop Run
On Sunday, another group of experienced mountain runners will take on 64km/40 miles of Australia's toughest mountain trails in an attempt to break a course record that has stood since 1996. They will set out from Mountain Creek, Victoria and experience three incredibly tough climbs and some brutal descents. The total elevation gain is over 3000 metres, and with a 12 hour cut-off, many will not reach the finish at the summit of Mount Hotham.

The route includes the Staircase Spur to the top of Mount Bogong and the T-Spur descent to Big River. Runners can expect everything from blizzards to extreme heat and must be capable of being self-sufficient in the remote backcountry. There are no medals or glamour - the organisers describe it as 'pure grass roots trail running'. Have any of our members attempted this race? It would be great to hear from you if you have. Good luck to everyone taking part.
Sarah Cooke

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SarahCrunning - 08/01/2018 00:46:10
RE:Bogong to Hotham: The Rooftop Run
The provisional results of the race have been made available, and reports are that there were very high temperatures at the finishing summit. The 50% DNF rate highlights what a tough race this is, but there were some great performances. Andy Kromer's 1996 course record of 6:41 remains untouched, as does Lucy Bartholomew's female course record - she smashed the previous one in 2016 by around 30 minutes and came second overall in 7:48.

These were the podium finishers this year:

1. Ashley Hoffman - 7:28:22
2. Marty Keyes - 7:44:08
3. Thierry Lamarque - 8:28:13

1. Gill Fowler - 8:55:19
2. Kylee Woods - 9:13:07
3. Katherine Macmillan - 9:33:21
Sarah Cooke


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