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Garymas - 05/11/2017 14:52:21
Strength & conditioning with cardio?
A newbie question, sorry if it’s been discussed before.

I’m transitioning from marathon running & adventure racing to ultra running.
I recently completed an Ironman so my fitness levels are quite good

My question is, I’ve read a lot about how important strength training is to ultra running. If I’m introducing strength & conditioning can I do so on the same day as I run? I’ve been told it’s pointless to do gym work & run in the same day.
Do they counter act each other?

Thanks in advance

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SarahCrunning - 09/11/2017 17:40:41
RE:Strength & conditioning with cardio?
Hi Gary,

All questions are welcome here. I'm not a strength expert, but this article by Alan Culpepper discusses how to integrate strength training into your running and I think will address your questions: http://running.competitor.com/2016/07/training/coach-culpepper-supplementing-running-strength-training_153600

I hope you find it useful and good luck.
Sarah Cooke


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