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LarryBoyd - 04/08/2018 11:18:05
Running gloves

Because running causes large volumes of blood to be diverted from the extremities (fingers and hands) to the working muscles (legs), the hands can get very cold, hence the need for gloves. Gloves should be lightweight and comfortable. Only in extreme weather will you need to wear thick running gloves and more often than not you will heat up enough to be okay in the normal thin type.
Woollen gloves are the norm because they are cheap, but they don’t offer the same waterproof and windstopper capabilities of other fabrics. Woollen gloves will be fine for most runners but if you are venturing out into cold or wet climates, it is worth investing in a decent waterproof/windproof pair. Running with cold hands can ruin the experience for you, so choose carefully when you buy.

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SarahCrunning - 07/08/2018 01:35:32
RE:Running gloves
I find warmth is far more important than being waterproof. You're always going to get some water in due to the massive great hole that allows you to put your hands inside. Powerstretch fabric is lightweight and very warm. I put waterproof overmits on top of them if needed.
Sarah Cooke


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