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Rileforce - 16/05/2017 15:48:10
Waterproof trousers / pant | with taped seams | Mandatory Running kit
I was thinking about getting the OMM Kamielka Race Pants - however, I cannot justify these until the price goes under £90.00.

Can anyone recommend some good trousers, ones that would pass inspection for UTMB?

I'm not sure whether to just get some cheapo Tresspass 10 quid jobbies vs Good quality kit.

I tend to run in shorts in all conditions, however, if the kits is needed, then the kit is needed.

I plan to cycle JOGLE in August so I would also potentially be using these trousers for this for the Scottish HIghlands :)

Any recommendations would be appreciated

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lukejarmey - 16/05/2017 22:48:15
RE:Waterproof trousers / pant | with taped seams | Mandatory Running kit
Good question! Especially as, like you've noted, they're an obligatory item on the UTMB kit list.

Seeing as you would rarely wear them, weight is absolutely imperative. But this needs to be tossed up against price, waterproofness/breathability and what they're actually like to run in, if you do have to.

This would actually make a very interesting group test review for RunUltra... looking into sorting that now!

Seeing as you'd be looking to use these on your JOGLE when in the Scottish Highlands and also for future races, I'd personally veer well clear of the Trespass ones. They're cheap, but likely to be pretty bad on all the other points especially breathability and articulation... seeing as they're not designed for running.

The Montane Minimus Trousers could be worth a look. I haven't personally used them, but I'm currently testing the Minimus Smock Jacket for RunUltra, and its been very good so far.


They retail for £100, but you can currently get them in most sizes for around £75 on eBay: http://ebay.eu/2pTJ4MG

I'm sure there's other great options from Salomon, Rab etc.


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