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braveluke - 12/10/2017 10:40:58
50 miles Ultra marathon in 6 month
Hi guys, I'm Luke. I'm beginner runner as I've just begun my running activities since August.
I'll have my second half marathon on 10/29/2017. From this day to April, We have a contest called Vietnam Jungle Marathon.
I decided to take part in 70 kilometers distance...
Howerver, I don't have any training plan. I even know that it's hard to complete but I really want to train for this.
Please help me.

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lukejarmey - 12/10/2017 22:28:15
RE:50 miles Ultra marathon in 6 month
Hi Luke,

Great that you're giving an ultra a go. Vietnam Jungle Marathon sounds very cool.

Give this is a read: https://www.runultra.co.uk/Training/February-2016/Everything-you-need-to-know-to-run-a-50km-ultra

It says 50km, but can easily be applied to a 50 mile race as well.

This training article might also be interesting: https://www.runultra.co.uk/Training/April-2017/20-Things-You-Need-To-Know-to-transition-from-mara

Hope that helps


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