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SarahCrunning - 24/10/2018 21:06:11
51st Original Mountain Marathon
The OMM is the UK's biggest mountain race and has been attracting the UK's greatest mountain runners and brands since 1968. Teams of 2 choose their kit, route and distance and must find a series of checkpoints across the mountains. This year's event is being held in the Black Mountains of Wales, but entrants don't find that out at the point of entry - details were released last month.

Teams choose either a line or score based course. Line course participants cover a set distance each day and must reach all the checkpoints as quickly as they can. Score course participants have a set amount of time each day to reach as many as checkpoints as possible. A typical example of the courses (based on previous years) is:


Elite - Day 1 47km, Day 2 38km
A - Day 1 36km, Day 2 29km
B - Day 1 25km, Day 2 20km

COMBINED COURSE - a line course one day and a score course the other day


Long - Day 1: 7 hours, Day 2: 6 hours
Medium - Day 1: 6 hours, Day 2: 5 hours
Short - Day 1: 5 hours, Day 2: 4 hours

The maps and requirements of each course are given to competitors on the start line, and they must choose their own route the the checkpoints.

All teams must finish as the overnight camp on day 1 and are required to be self-sufficient and carry their tent and supplies. The course options cater for 1st timers through to elite mountain runners, but all will be vetted for their experience and suitability for their chosen course.

There will be 2000 runners taking part, and 20 countries represented. Teams in the Elite group include Jonathon Albon + Gudmund Viljo Arponen Snilstveit and Nicholas Barber + Jim Mann.

Good luck to all those taking part.
Sarah Cooke

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SarahCrunning - 28/10/2018 23:32:23
RE:51st Original Mountain Marathon
Despite a blizzard on day 1 and sub zero temperatures overnight, all teams are safely accounted for. These were the elite podium finishers and their overall times:

1. Jonathan Albon/Gudmund Viljo Arponen Snilstveit - 12:12:19
2. Nicholas Barber/Jim Mann - 12:39:41
3. Alistair Masson/Tim Morgan - 12:54:58

Only two mixed teams successfully completed the event:

1. Hannah Moulton/Chris Jones - 16:10:32
2. Alex Kendall/Eleanor Johnstone - 16:11:55

There were no all-female elite teams.

Full results for all the courses can be found here: http://www.sportident.co.uk/results/2018/OMM/index.html#multistage_results

Well done to all the teams. We would love to read your review of the event if you took part: https://www.runultra.co.uk/Events/Original-Mountain-Marathon#reviewSection
Sarah Cooke


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