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SarahCrunning - 30/01/2019 23:45:46
Pilgrim Challenge
The Pilgrims' Way is the historical route taken by pilgrims from Winchester to Canterbury. mostly on the North Downs Way. The Pilgrim Challenge (this weekend) uses 33 miles of this route from Farnham to Redhill. You can either run out to Redhill on the Saturday, from Redhill to Farnham on the Sunday, or you can take part in the full 2-day event where you stay overnight in Redhill and run back to the start on the Sunday (66 miles over 2 days). The XNRG team offer a package that includes your accommodation, meals and showers overnight, or you can opt to find your own accommodation.

Runners also have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers on the Saturday night. This year's speakers are our very own Steve Diederich (Managing Director of Run Ultra and organiser of races such as Marathon des Sables and the Coastal Challenge) and the ever-popular Susie Chan.

This event is popular for those who are new to multiday events. It is also commonly used as a training event for MdS - the North Downs Way is usually very muddy at this time of year, and probably the closest many people can get to running on sand.

The North Downs Way is a beautiful trail and has the challenge of decent elevation whilst being mainly runnable. I ran this event as my first multiday ultra in 2016, and it was a great experience. We have seven runner reviews of the event, with all awarding it 5 stars. I hope this year's runners also have a good experience. Good luck!
Sarah Cooke

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SarahCrunning - 02/02/2019 22:28:18
RE:Pilgrim Challenge
It was a snowy day on the North Downs Way, but everyone is safe and accounted for. The organisers took the sensible decision to allow flexible start times to reduce the risk of runners taking risks whilst driving to the start. These were the top 3 men and women today (33 miles):

1. Paul Russhard - 4:23:47
2. John Melbourne - 4:29:47
3. Ben Bridges - 4:40:41

1. Rachel Dench - 5:17:30
2. Teresa Reason - 5:39:07
3. Kirsty Ireton - 5:48:03
Sarah Cooke

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SarahCrunning - 04/02/2019 15:57:39
RE:Pilgrim Challenge
It was another cold and icy day for day 2 yesterday. These were the day 2 results (33 miles)

1. Paul Rushard - 4:27:12
2. John Melbourne - 4:33:15
3. Tim Broadhurst - 4:50:34

1. Teresa Reason - 5:50:54
2. Michelle Double - 6:22:09
3. Catherine Stoneman - 6:26:34

These were the top 3 men and women for the full 2 day event (66 miles):

MEN - overall
1. Paul Russhard - 8:50:59
2. John Melbourne - 9:03:02
3. Tim Broadhurst - 9:32:24

WOMEN - overall
1. Teresa Reason - 11:30:01
2. Catherine Stoneman - 12:22:52
3. Michelle Double - 12:39:55

Fantastic results in tough conditions.
Sarah Cooke


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