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Child to Child - 11/04/2017 11:35:28
Represent Child to Child at the Vitality London 10000
Child to Child is a child rights agency based in London that has been working for nearly four decades to promote children's voice and agency, even in the most difficult circumstances. This short video about Pikin to Pikin Tok, our flagship project in Ebola-affected Sierra Leone, illustrates how we have been harnessing the power of children's participation to transform communities.

In order to support our work, we are currently looking to recruit runners to represent us in the Vitality London 10.000 run on May 29th. The route itself is a beautiful, scenic one that goes right through central London, starting from St. James' Park, passing key landmarks and ending near Buckingham Palace. We've been given seven charity spots, and are keen to create Team Child to Child before the registration deadline on 20 April. We are asking participants to at least raise £150 to cover participation costs.

If you or someone you know would like to join Team Child to Child, please send an email to ccenquiries@ioe.ac.uk. If not, we would appreciate it greatly if you could share our appeal with people in your network that you believe might be interested.

We'd be happy to share more information about what we do, and to support our representatives through the entire process.


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