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kisdm001 - 15/02/2017 05:31:16
Saint Fons 24/12/6 Hour (15-16 April 2017)
I live in Lyon, France, and I'll be heading just out of town this Easter weekend to Saint Fons for their timed ultra. There are 6, 12, and 24 hour races that kick off on Saturday and close out on Sunday.

The 6 hour and 24 hour races both start at 10am and the 12 hour race starts at 10pm. The 12 and 24 hour races finish at 10am the next morning with a presentation of awards for the top three men and women over the two longer distances (the 6 hour awards are presented after that race ends on Saturday afternoon).

The race is run on a 1km loop (it's actually measured at 1001m) and is flat as a pancake. The loop is such that you can usually see most everyone each lap at some point and, save for a single hairpin turn you need to slow down for, it's smooth running all the way.

There is a good aid station with friendly volunteers plus covered tents to store your own aid if you want to go that way, too. There is a gymnasium where you can set up a sleeping space for the longer races if you want to go that way, and to sleep the night before the 24 hour race (though hotels are plenty nearby and not all that expensive, and you'll get a much better night's sleep than on a camp bed in a hall). Toilets and showers are available all day and night.

This will be my second year running at Saint Fons. I did the 6 hour race last year and have moved up to the 12 hour event for 2017. It's a great event and it attracts ultrarunners from across the country. Not everyone is into the timed ultras and trail runners might find the course a little monotonous (no hills, just loops) but the people are great fun, the race is well supported, and it's fast enough to be a place to set a new 6/12/24 hour personal best.

It's cheap to enter with the 6, 12 and 24 hour races costing 30, 40, and 55 euros, respectively. Registrations are online: http://inscriptions-terrederunning.com/24hsaintfons2017/select_competition

Note: I'm not associated with the event besides being a runner registered to run in it - I'm just a fan of good, well managed ultras. :)


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