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Michel Lanne crosses the line with his daughter. Photo credit: Alice Morrison.

Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix: Running the CCC


Last updated: 03-Sep-16


1900 runners started at 9 am this morning for CCC from Courmayeur in Italy. This is a three country race as you get to race through Italy, Switzerland and France. The maximum time allowed is 26 hrs and 45 mins but the runners come in considerably earlier. The distance is 101km and there is 6100m of ascent.

It was a very long hot day again through the Alps but by the time the leaders started to arrive, darkness had fallen and it had cooled.

There were huge crowds lining the streets of Chamonix. The kick off for UTMB had been three hours previously and the whole town had stayed on to welcome back the CCC conquerors. They also had an extra chance to cheer as the first of the PTL teams ran in after an incredible race which covers 290km with 26500m of ascent. The winning team was Abrico (the apricots) with a time of 107:39:37.

Back to CCC and first in for the men was Michel Lanne of France. He really took his time to enjoy the crowd and savour his finish and stopped to pick up his baby daughter and carry her through the archway to the cheers of the crowd. The final men’s rankings were:

1. Michel Lanne, France,12:10:04
2. Ruy Ueda, Japan, 12:15:20
3. Giuliano Cavallo, Italy, 12: 19:21

The women were still not in at time of going to press. 

UTMB is well underway now and we will be following all the excitement on Facebook and Twitter, so stay with us.

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