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Photo credit: The Faith Runner.

The Faith Runner falls 36km short of his 10000km goal


Last updated: 19-Jul-18

By Alice Morrison

Samir Singh had set himself the extraordinary challenge of running 100km a day for 100 days through the heat and chaos of Mumbai. He almost, almost made it. But the running Gods cheated him of his final goal.

He had fallen sick during the run and lost time. On the last day, Sunday, he had to run 150km to make it. He struggled through 114km but, just 36km short of his goal to run a distance equivalent to a quarter of the world’s perimeter, he had to give in. His injuries, fever and exhaustion had finally overcome him.

But, what an incredible achievement! 9,964.19 kms in 100 days.

He had spent nearly three months running between Mumbai's slums in the north and business district in the south using donated clothes and equipment, and living on just $3.14 a day. His luxuries were a GPS and a basic mobile for emergencies. As for nutrition, he ate rice and spicy lentils after every run. He ran through the scorching heat of the summer and the drenching monsoon rains

At the end of his run, Samir weighed just 40kg (88 pounds).

"My journey of running 100 kilometres per day is very challenging but I wanted to show the endurance limit of human spirit," Singh told AFP ahead of the final run. "I have focused on my goals with determination and nurtured my dreams despite cracked heels, fractured joints and legs."

Bravo, Samir Singh!

For more on Samir, check out his Facebook page.

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