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Shortlist for the RunUltra Blogger of the Year Award 2016


Last updated: 04-Apr-19

After much deliberation, and it was a very difficult task, we have chosen the shortlist for the RunUltra Blogger Award for 2016. 

Please vote now using this voting link. Please note that voting is now finished and our winners are announced here.

A big thank you to everyone who nominated a blogger. We received a total of 111 bloggers nominated from a total of 15 countries as follows:

Canada, Finland, France, Ireland, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK and USA.

Interestingly we had a 31% female and 69% male split for nominations and 32% female and 68% male in our final shortlist which is shown in alphabetical order below with a link to their website. Many congratulations to all those who made the list.

The quality, dedication and passion for ultra marathons and trail running shines through brightly in much of the writing from the bloggers that you nominated.

We had a strict scoring criteria in place as explained in our recent forum post and the bloggers were scored out of a total score of 80 on the following criteria:

  • Consistency
  • Quality of Imagery
  • Quality of Copy
  • Creativity
  • Promotion
  • Authority
  • Usability
  • Engagement
  • Overall Impression

We’ve included social pages as a form of microblogging. We noticed that more people are switching from a traditional blog website to a social media based microblog. Please remember this is a ‘blogger' award not a ‘blog' award.

We have a total of 50 names on our shortlist and voting is now open until 23.59 on 17th January 2016. The final selection as to who wins the award is now in your hands. 

We will announce the final winner and our blogger finalists on 19th January 2016.

Next Steps

Please vote now using this voting link. Please note that voting is now finished and our winners are announced here.

Blogger Blog
Alice Morrison Alice Morrison
Alistair Flowers 26.2 and beyond
Andrew Murray Doc Andrew Murray
Andy Mouncey Doing Big & Scary
Audrey McIntosh Audrey McIntosh
Bryon Powell I run far
Charley Radcliffe Digital Steak
Christopher McDougall Christopher McDougall
Coraline Chapatte Kos Cora
Dane Rauschenberg See Dane run
David Jury David Jury
Dean Karnazes Ultra marathon man
Elisabet Barnes  Elisabet Barnes
Emelie Fosberg Emilie Fosberg
Ethan Newberry The ginger runner
Gavan Hennigan  Nomadic amphibian
Giles Thurston Ultrarun.in
Hollie Woodhouse Hollie Woodhouse
Ian Corless Ian Corless
Jill Homer Jill outside
Jimmy Dean Freeman Method to the madness
Jo Meek Jo Meek, the running squirrel
Joe Grant Alpine works
Justin Bateman Justin Bateman
Kilian Jornet Kilian Jornet
Lenka Istvanova Runista
Linda Doke Rockhoppin' trail
Lucja Leonard Running Duchie
Marcus Scotney Marcus Scotney
Mary Pearson A healthier moo
Moerieda Mackay My million miles
Nuno Giao  Nuno Giao
Randall Wharton Randall's running blog
Robbie Britton  Robbie Britton
Rory Coleman Rory Coleman
Russ King Up & down runner
Sage Canaday Sage Canaday
Sally McRae Sally McRae
Scott Dunlap A trail runner's blog
Scott Forbes Run till you are done
Scott Jurek Scott Jurek
Sean Conway Sean Conway
Seb Montaz Seb Montaz
Sophie Radcliffe Challenge Sophie
Stuart Mills Ultra Stu
Stuart Walker Challenge Stu
Susie Chan Susie Chan
Timothy Olson Timothy Allen Olson
Tobias Mews Tobias Mews
Will Cooper Will run longer


Please find here a quick guide to our #RunUltraBlogger Award 2016 Contest explaining all our key dates, Terms & Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for finding our winning #RunUltraBlogger.

Follow the hashtag #RunUltraBlogger and our forum thread for updates and runner comments.

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