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Photo credit: Damian Hall.

Damian Hall and Beth Pascall smash Cape Wrath FKT


By Alice Morrison

They took it on in winter for that little bit of an extra challenge and in fact had to delay their start as Scottish rain swelled the rivers to depths that made crossing them a swim rather than a run, but despite that, Beth Pascall and Damian Hall managed to pull an incredible FKT out of the hat.

They did the 230 miles over the Scottish Highlands from Fort William to Cape Wrath in 4 days 9 hours and 43 minutes. My math isn’t quite good enough to work out the percentages but the existing FKT was 7 Days 9 hours and 31 minutes, so that is pretty good.

In fact it is absolutely fantastic. Well done to Beth and Damo what a feat!

The conditions were grim with freezing cold and a lot of the run inevitably done in the dark as there was only around six hours of daylight in 24. The path is not marked so navigation was another challenge.

On Instagram Damian (@ultra_damo) said, “My tendons are throbbing in complaint but my head is throbbing with pleasure. The deeply compelling landscapes and exhilarating sense of remoteness of the northwest Highlands are gonna rule my mind for quite some time.” 


Photo credit: Beth Pascall.

Beth (@beth_pascall) said, “Sunrise on our final day on the Cape Wrath Trail. There was plenty of pain and suffering but it was all worth it for moments like these. (photo above) It had been a long night, with the strong winds and the cumulative sleep deprivation making it so tough on our poor bodies. However, we never took these moments for granted.”

And that sums up the great spirit of this endeavour and this sport. Congratulations Beth and Damo!

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