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Photo credit: RunUltra.

Atomized Entertainment is looking for ultra runners in the UK


Last updated: 01-Mar-16

By Elsa Trujillo

There’s a new digital platform channel for Snapchat Discovery page coming and it’s called Brother. They’re looking for a young ultra marathon competitor who would like to be filmed for the channel. Brother is a male-oriented channel that will deliver pieces on current events, news and lifestyle.

The producers at Atomized are looking for amazing characters with strong stories to film for the Channel. The films will be short profile stories focusing on aspirational people and their success stories. The videos will be around one minute in duration and will be featured alongside Brother’s other editorial articles.

They are hoping to start filming these profile stories from the 15th February 2016.

Interested? Contact Sarah Kelly at [email protected] or +44 207 453 4017.

Important Note: RunUltra is not in any way involved in the production of this series and does not take any responsibility for this event, please direct all your queries to Sarah Kelly.

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