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Marathon des Sables. Photo credit: RunUltra.

Badwater and UTMB legends unite to challenge for MDS Crown


Last updated: 02-Jun-17

By Alice Morrison

Harvey Sweetland Lewis (USA) winner of Badwater and Marco Olmo (Italy) twice winner of UTMB have come together with three other top international athletes, Jason Schlarb (USA), Carlos Sa (Portugal) and Ricardo Mejia Hernandez (Mexico), to run the team competition at Marathon des Sables 2016.

They have been brought together by USA Ultra Runner, Linda Sanders, to create awareness of the plight of children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). A staggering one in ten children in the USA is diagnosed with the condition.

As many RunUltra users know, the Marathon des Sables is called the Toughest Footrace on Earth. It is six marathons in six days across the Sahara Desert. The middle marathon is a double. Temperatures regularly reach 50 degrees C. The terrain is arduous with endless miles of sand dunes and salt flats, interspersed with rocky trails. Competitors must be self sufficient and carry all their own food and equipment for the week.

”In my everyday life I’m a loser...I run for revenge, I run for vengeance,” says Marco Olmo. “But this time I am honored to be part of the team representing the organization, Hope So Bright and raising awareness of ADHD.”

Marco Olmo is already a legend in MdS circles. Last year at the age of 66 he came 16th overall in the competition.

Good luck Team I Run 4 Hope!

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