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Todd Ragsdale


Last updated: 01-Sep-16

By Alice Morrison

The body of Todd Ragsdale was found this weekend in the hills above his home in Oregon. Todd had set off for a run on Thursday, wearing just light clothing. When he didn’t return, a huge search operation was organised with local runners joining the emergency services.

Sadly, his body was recovered on Saturday. Todd was famous for his strong endurance running, but he was suffering a hamstring injury that could have caused complications during his run. The trail he was supposed to be running that day is known for steep gradients and tricky obstacles including fallen tree branches and muddy trenches.

Todd was a world record holder who six years ago set a Guinness World Record by running 102 miles barefoot in 24 hours. He was hugely popular within the racing community. His friend, Matt Newell told KTVL, “I saw this guy running up the hill, bare-chested in a kilt and barefoot. I was extremely confused yet extremely intrigued and that was the first day I met him."

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