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Susie on the treadmill. Photo credit: Romilly Lockyer.

Ultra runner Susie Chan ran 110.3km on a treadmill


Last updated: 02-Jun-17

By Alice Morrison

Ultra runner, Susie Chan has broken the 12-hour treadmill world record. She ran a total distance of 68.54 miles (110.3km) in 12 hours in the Human Performance laboratory at Kingston University's Penrhyn Road campus in London. 

Susie beat the previous unofficial 12-hour women's record of 66.79 miles (107.49km) set by Kristina Paltén on 7 February 2013, as well as the current official Guinness World Records holder Dee Boland, who set a distance of 60.26 miles (96.98km) in October last year. Susie’s distance of 68.54 miles will remain an unofficial record until she receives verification from Guinness World Records.

Susie said, "The aim was to beat the 12 hour treadmill world record, which I was confident I could do. However I found running on the treadmill tough mentally towards the end. It was dizzying and not like running long distance outside. I had huge support and it really helped push me through. The end was a good feeling! I shall not be going near a treadmill for a while now!"

The attempt was streamed live on You Tube and hashtagged #susieWRrun and when Susie finished, one of the first people to congratulate her was Paula Radcliffe, who tweeted: "I've never watched someone run on a treadmill on my computer until now - @Susie__Chan you got me! Congrats on your new world record!".

The record attempt was supported by Kingston University and supervised by senior lecturer in health, exercise and physiology Dr Hannah Moir and technician Chris Howe, along with a team of 10 sport science and nutrition students acting as timekeepers and witnesses.

Keeping it real as the international plaudits rolled in the lovely Susie posted her status update after completing as “In bed, eating Dominoes Pizza”.

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