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The winners of our 2016 RunUltra Blogger Awards


Last updated: 15-Nov-18

Thank you to all of you who took part in the voting for the 2016 Blogger Awards. Ultra running has really grown over the years and as testament to this we had a total of 111 bloggers from 15 countries who took part in our contest. We had over 5,400 visits to our voting page.

We have 10 very deserving winners out of our shortlist of 50 ultra running bloggers.

Firstly we'd like to announce the five finalists (alpha order) who are as follows:

Our Finalists

Blogger/Writer name Blog
Nuno Giao Off the beaten track
Gavan Hennigan Nomadic amphibian
Tobias Mews Tobias Mews
Alice Morrison Alice Morrison
Hollie Woodhouse The Adventurous Kiwi


Our Regional Winners

  Writer Blog
United Kingdom    
Winner Tobias Mews Tobias Mews
Finalist Audrey McIntosh Audrey McIntosh
Winner Gavan Hennigan Nomadic amphibian
Finalist Nuno Giao Off the beaten track
Finalist Coraline Chapatte Kos Cora
North America    
Winner Dane Raushenberg See Dane Run
Finalist Sage Canaday Sage Canaday
Asia & Pacific    
Winner Hollie Woodhouse The adventurous Kiwi
Winner Alice Morrison Alice Morrison
Finalist Linda Doke Rockhoppin' Trail


Our Overall Winner is ... Dane Rauschenberg

And our winner overall is Dane Rauschenberg for his blog See Dane Run.

Many congratulations to Dane who wins an ipad and is the overall winner of the 2016 RunUltra Blogger Award.

Here is a highlight from one of Dane's recent blogs: 
Why Runners Will Live Forever/Die Immediately in the Zombie Apocalypse
"Ever seen a runner after a marathon? We shuffle and moan like we are the living dead anyway. Until we get to a shower, we smell like them as well. Our stiff leggedness and natural aroma serve as perfect camouflage against the hordes of the undead."

We encourage you to explore each of the blogs from our entrants and finalists who have some amazing stories to share of their ultra running adventures. An inspiration to us all.

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the contest. We enjoyed reading your blogs and we wish you a very successful ultra running year.

Run Well!


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