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Photo credit: Jeff Tucceri.

Run every road in your town


By Alice Morrison

This story by Dave Copeland from the Tewkesbury Patch, Massachusetts, USA caught our eye as we looked up from the Christmas turkey. It’s a great idea for maximising your training while minimizing boredom.

Jeff Tucceri spent 78 days running 306 miles along all of his home town, Tewksbury’s, roads.

In fact, in the end, he ran much farther than that as there are a lot of one way streets in Tewkesbury.

This meant he had to run up and back which added mileage. He also started most of his runs from his house and ran those start-off roads many times without them contributing to his overall tally.

He was in training for an ultra: the 50-mile, Stone Cat trail race in Ipswich. As it turned out, it was excellent training as he covered the 50-mile course in 09:01:10. Well done, Jeff!

If you have done something similar, let us know.

For more on Jeff’s feat – check out his Facebook page.

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