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Riad Dar Chamaa. Photo credit: Christina Angell Ait Daoud.

Snow in the Sahara


Last updated: 31-Jan-18

By Alice Morrison

If you are in the last throes of training for this year’s Marathon des Sables, you may be straining your way through Hot Yoga sessions or, perhaps, have splashed out for some sessions in a heat chamber.

Maybe you’ve just sealed up the doors and windows of the sitting room, turned the heating to full and spent a nasty couple of hours on the turbo or the treadmill. Well, stop right now and go out and buy some thermals… it is snowing in Zagora and Ouarzazate.

For those of us who live in Morocco, it’s been a day of Facebook watching friends post pictures of palm trees covered in snow and once-golden sand dunes transformed into a winter wonderland. It is the first time in thirty years that it has snowed in the desert and it feels like a miracle.

It is great news for the country in general as snow means water and last year, there was precious little, so much so that the King led national prayers for rain in November. Those prayers have been answered.

For the intrepid class of 2018 Marathon des Sables, don’t worry too much. By April, the weather should have returned to a nice and toasty 50 degrees.

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