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The winners of our 2018 RunUltra Blogger Awards


Last updated: 15-Nov-18

By Kathryn Bullock

Thank you to all of you who took part in the voting for the 2018 Blogger Awards. Ultra running has really grown over the years and as testament to this we had a total of 105 bloggers from around the world who took part in our contest. We had 7,900 visits to our voting page.

We have 14 very deserving winners out of our shortlist of 64 ultra running bloggers.



Firstly we'd like to announce the six finalists who are as follows:

Our Finalists

Overall Finalists

Blogger Blog
Dane Raushenberg Dane runs a lot
Josephine Anselin X50 islands
Paul Addicott Pick up the pace Paul
Emma Timmis Emma Timmis
Sam Wilkes Sam staggers on
Jason Friedman A muddy pair of heels


We are also pleased to announce the winners for each region as shown below:

Africa Winner    
Linda Doke - Rockhoppin’ trail



Asia Pacific Winner
Josephine Anselin - X50 islands



Asia Pacific Finalist
Emma Timmis - Emma Timmis

North America Winner
Dane Rauschenberg - Dane runs a lot



North America Finalists
Jason Friedman - A muddy pair of heels
Sarah Lavander Smith - The runner’s trip
Lorraine Anderson - Feel fit forever



UK Winner
Jeff McCarthy - Run eat repeat



UK Finalists
Paul Addicott - Pick up the pace Paul
Sam Wilkes - Sam staggers on
Alistair Flowers - 26.2 and beyond
Audrey McIntosh - Audrey McIntosh
Pete Nicholson - Sprint Kitchen
John Kynaston - John Kynaston

RUNULTRA_Blogger Award logo 2018
And our overall winner is…

And our winner overall is Jeff McCarthy for his blog Run Eat Repeat.

Many congratulations to Jeff who wins a Suunto Spartan Ultra Sports Watch and is the overall winner of the 2018 RunUltra Blogger Award. 

You can read all about Jeff’s journey into ultra running and his story here. We recommend you have a read of his blog. Jeff loves food and making bread, homemade food and smoothies. He has a great selection of fuel food and smoothie recipes on his blog. Jeff suffered a severe form of Lyme’s disease in 2013 but continues to run and shares his recent running adventures on his blog.

Congratulations to our overall and regional finalists and other regional winners as follows: Linda Doke (Africa), Josephine Anselin (Asia-Pacific) and Dane Rauschenberg (North America).

We encourage you to explore each of the blogs from our entrants and finalists who have some amazing stories to share of their ultra running adventures. The quality of the blogs this year has been very high so do check them out.

We enjoyed reading your blogs and we wish you a very successful ultra running year.

Congratulations to the winning voter

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the contest, and to our thousands of voters. Many congratulations to voter Michael Davitt who wins a Suunto Trainer Watch in our prize draw for voters. 

Run Well!

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04:56 21-04-18

Thank you so much for this RunUltra team! Was overjoyed and humbled to win this Award. Very grateful indeed.