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Photo credit: Phoenix New Times.

Ultra cheat hides in portable loo


By Alice Morrison

An ultra runner in Phoenix Arizona, Kelly Agnew, has been ignominiously caught cheating in a 24-hour ultra, part of Across the Years, by hiding out in a portable loo to catch his breath and then crossing the line to pretend he had done the lap.

The site Marathon Investigation reported that race officials had actually targeted Agnew because of suspicions about his string of victories since 2013. Mike Melton, with the timing organisation MCM Timing, was put on potty watch.

He was not left sitting long with no result. He saw Agnew cross the lap marker mat and then enter the port-a-potty, where he spent around about seven minutes — his mile pace — only to come out and cross the lap marker again. Then the **** hit the fan.

This year, we pulled him off the course after about 18, 19 miles. The timing official saw Agnew kind of looping back around and crossing the mat again without actually doing a loop on the course,"  Jamil Coury, the race director for Across the Years, told  Phoenix New Times.

Agnew has since been disqualified from four of his Phoenix race titles as a result.

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