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Photo credit: Australia Day Ultra.

Ultra marathon cheat caught


By Alice Morrison

Just a couple of weeks after the portable toilet fiasco, when a runner was found to be hiding in the loo and claiming extra laps, Tim Clarke of Perth Now has discovered that a British man, Mark Robson, has been disqualified and banned from future WA races, after taking a massive 40km shortcut during the Australia Day Ultra in Australind, Western Australia.

Robson, took no less than seven shorties during the race to bring his distance down to 60km rather than 100km. He was caught out by his tracker, which beamed back anomalies from the 12.5km loop course. 

The evidence left the Race Director Ron McGlinn with few options. He said:

I believe he was dishonest in claiming a completed 100 km run when in my best estimates, he only completed 60-70 km.”

My only course of action is to disqualify him from the 2018 Australia Day Ultra event and preclude him from participating in future Ultra Series WA events.”

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