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Photo credit: Justin Bateman.

Congratulations - we have a prize winner


Last updated: 19-Jul-18

By Kathryn Bullock

We're pleased to announce that we have a lucky prize draw winner for the ipad Air.

Many congratulations to ultra runner Justin Bateman who posted three race reviews on The Chiltern Challenge, The Ridgeway Challenge and the Thames Path 100.

Many thanks to everyone who posted some great race reviews on the site. Here are some of the best ultra runner reviews but let us know which ones you think are the best of our highlights below:

This is a funny and detailed account of The Wall Run from Darren Grigas around Hadrian's Wall in England.  

We also liked this review from DarranCass about the Chiltern Challenge on 11 July 2015 in Buckinghamshire from Sponteneousplan giving a top tip for those wanting to try their first ultra.

We especially liked the review from Debbie Simpson on the Endure 24 race in South East England on June 12th which explains how some race organisers allow you to buddy up to do an ultra as a team effort.

We had some great reviews of the Race to the Stones in Chinnor, South East England on 11 July 2015. Here are two of the best from Benjamin Potts and MRanger90. The runners appear to be united on recommending that the organisers throw in the Tshirt.

The 50 mile challenge race in Kent, England on the 19th July 2015 nearly got a total 5 star rating and great feedback on the organiser Mike and a great review from third time runner RDonahoe1.

The Endure 12/50 at Beale Park, Berkshire on 18 July 2015 was also a big hit and this was a very informative review from Sinlotus.

The review from OnceIvegone on the Cumbrian Challenge race on 14th May 2015 was hilarious and there's even a picture of the legendary inflatable horses and cowboy runners. I think they had to be seen to be believed.

Finally we enjoyed reading the review from PBFVOO on the Limberlost Challenge race on 11 July 2015 in Ontario complete with mud and highly recommended pre race camping.

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to share your views. Keep your eyes peeled for another prize draw coming soon with another exciting prize.

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