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Photo credit: Race to the Stones

Race to the Stones 2017 results


By Alice Morrison

This weekend saw a bunch of brave hearts take on the Ridgeway for the 100km Race to the Stones.

The main event is a 100km non-stop, fully-supported race along the oldest path in Britain, the Ridgeway. The start line is in Oxfordshire and the finish line is next to the Avebury Stone circle, a Neolithic monument 5000 years old.

It was a very hard-fought men’s race with under four minutes separating Benjamin Poiraton and Wyclef Forbes who came in first and second. Sarah Hill who won the women’s race also came in a stonking 9th overall.

The final podiums were:


  1. Benjamin Poiraton 7:52:58
  2. Wyclef Forbes 7:56:24
  3. Thomas Payn: 8:53:01


  1. Sarah Hill 9:23:10
  2. Asia Zmyslona 9:31:59
  3. Rachel Masser 9:51:02

Race to the Stones is not just a race for the elites though and we would like to do a shout out to Chris Toddington (@c20023) with 15:50:54; Toni Burton (@toni_burton17) who tweeted, “We made it! 100km of sheer resilience, perseverance and determination!”; and finally Bernadette Dancy PhD (@dancydoo) who was brutally honest, “That was hard! Managed 100k in 13hrs 22min. I'd like to say I loved it. Enjoyed 80k. Last 20k -Killer.”

The route to the Avebury Stone circle, the largest Neolithic stone circle in Europe, crosses Lewknor, Goring and the North Wessex Downs. Along the way participants run past Bronze Age hill forts, Neolithic burial chambers and Roman river crossings.

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