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Photo credit: The Faith Runner.

The Faith Runner completes 13750km Ultra


Last updated: 19-Jul-18

By Alice Morrison

Samir Singh, known as the Faith Runner, first came to our attention when, agonisingly, he fell just 36km short of his goal to run a 100km a day for 100 days in a distance equivalent to a quarter of the world’s perimeter.

But this guy just can’t stop running! He has just completed an absolutely extraordinary run of 13,750 km according to the Times of India.

He registered in Bharat Ke Veer and travelled all around India to complete his run.

He started his journey on 1st December 2017 from Wagha, then ran out towards Kanyakumari, Kolkata and all the states of the North-East and Nepal border. Legs still pumping he went on through the Himalayas and reached Jammu via Srinagar. His finish was in Wagha.

After his 10,000km attempt he told AFP, “I wanted to show the endurance limit of human spirit."
Now he has surpassed that run by over 34%.

Samir, we salute your human spirit! Congratulations on a truly incredible endeavour.

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