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Photo image courtesy of IRunFar

Hardrock 100: Course record for Francois D’haene and Sabrina Stanley win


By Dan Stinton

Winding through Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, the Hardrock 100 has certainly earned its name. The average finish time of over 40 hours, which is longer than the cut-off time of many similar length races, accounts for the rugged terrain, the 33,050ft (10,073m) of accent and the high altitude throughout the course.

The race switches direction each year, with this year being run in an anti-clockwise direction, after a two-year hiatus due to snow danger (2019) and coronavirus (2020).

It seems that the runners couldn’t wait to get back on the course with the top three men all breaking Killian Jornet’s anti-clockwise course record of 23:28:00. Francois D’haene won the race in 21:45:50 and also broke the overall course record (in either direction), again bettering Jornet’s clockwise time.

He led the race from the start pulling away from second and third place Dylan Bowman and Ryan Smith.  D’haene was tipped as favourite to win his debut Hardrock, and you can see why with his strong mountain running performances, with wins at the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB) in 2012, 2014 and 2017 and his record on the John Muir Trail (213.7 miles in the Sierra Nevada mountain range).


Photo courtesy of IRunFar

Sabrina Stanley won the women’s race in 27:21:49 within a few minutes off the course record and a commanding lead over Darcy Piceu and Meghan Hicks in second and third respectively.

Sabrina was the defending champion with her win in 2018 in 30:23:36. Courtney Dauwalter, at her debut Hardrock 100, led for a large part of the race and at 56 miles was 4th overall, ahead of the course record. However, unfortunately she had to pull out of the race shortly afterwards with stomach issues.


Photo courtesy of IRunFar



  1. Francois D’haene 21:45:50 (overall course record)
  2. Dylan Bowman 22:45:50
  3. Ryan Smith 23:34:29


  1. Sabrina Stanley 27:21:49 (6th overall)
  2. Darcy Piceu 32:08:26
  3. Meghan Hicks 33:05:02

Rather than cross a finish line, runners "kiss the Hardrock", a picture of a ram's head painted on a large block of stone mining debris.

Thanks to IRunFar for letting us use their images.

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