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Photo credit: www.the401challenge.co.uk

401 Challenger forced to rest up


Last updated: 02-Jun-17

By Alice Morrison

Ben Smith, who has taken on the challenge to run 401 marathons in 401 days, has announced that he is being forced to take a week off due to back problems.

Ben is running his marathons in aid of anti-bullying charities. He suffered at the hands of bullies from the age of ten, which led to severe depression and suicide attempts.

On Friday night, Ben was forced to go for emergency medical attention when problems with his back reached crisis point. He has been given medical advice to rest up for at least a week and is currently on a cocktail of pain killers.

In a video posted on social media  he said that the pain was currently so bad he could not even stand straight. Doctors have told him that it is related to an umbilical hernia and he may have been overcompensating.

We wish him a speedy and safe recovery. Good luck, Ben!

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