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Photo credit: Kristina Extreme Running.

Kili women’s ascent record broken again


Last updated: 12-Mar-18

By Alice Morrison

Danish woman, Kristina Schou Madsen, has broken the world record for the fastest women’s ascent of Kilimanjaro. She beat the old record of 7.08 set by Fernanda Marciel by over 16 minutes from Mweka Gate(1630) to the top of Kilimanjaro (5895) and did the 4265 meters of climb in a time of 6h52min.

After the run, Kristina told RunUltra, “The run was absolutely amazing, but also really, really tough! I started with another Danish woman, Josephine Dewett and a team of three at 6 o'clock in the morning from Mweka Gate, but after two hours Josephine fell a bit behind. I continued towards Millennium Camp (3900 m) and started to feel the thin air affecting my body on the steep elevation.

I was able to get to the different check points on time according to my time schedule and I did my best to keep the pace as high as possible towards Barafu Camp (4700). The only thing on my mind was to break the record, but everything is so difficult in the heights. I knew that the crucial part of the record attempt was after reaching 5000m, but I think my body copped well though my breathing got heavier and heavier. 

When I reached Stella Point (5745 m) it suddenly got real: I'm actual going to break the world record and not just by a few minutes! I gave it my best the last part to the top, but my legs felt like jelly. I reached the top at 12.52 and what a feeling! Happy, exhausted, proud, tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face - all the different feelings at the same time. 

Luckily an American group was at the top to congratulate me and to give hugs and ask the question: "Why on earth are you running up here?!"

Kristina was not attempting an ascent/descent record so Fernanda’s record stands for that.

Huge congratulations to Kristina! What an effort.

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