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Photo credit: Facebook/August Man Run.

Ultra runner dies after hit and run


Last updated: 13-Mar-18

By Alice Morrison

Malaysian ultra runner Evelyn Ang has died after she was knocked down in a hit-and-run in December. She was in a coma and never regained consciousness. 

She and two other runners were hit by a driver at 4.30am at the 14km mark during the Klang City International Marathon. Some marathons in Malaysia start, or take place, in darkness due to the heat and humidity.

She sustained a skull fracture with bleeding in her brain, while the two others — Amiruddin Hamid and fellow pacer Ahmad Hadafi Jus — were extremely lucky to escape with minor injuries. She underwent four surgeries since the accident but eventually the injury proved too much.

Her husband, Dennis Loo spoke to the Malay Mail after her death:

She passed away peacefully and she went off at her own pace despite all the things that we all did to help. The hospital did the very best for her and the doctors too.

I will always say this is a race that she ran and she has crossed triumphantly. She has always been cheerful, a believer of positivity and smiling. She would always put on a strong front and she believed that every smile shown would be returned back.

She would want everybody to remember her for that,” he added.

The driver of the vehicle, Teoh Thiam Lim, 27, was apprehended and charged with reckless driving causing an accident at 4.30am at Mile 2 Jalan Kapar. He pleaded not guilty.

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